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7 Quick Ways To Achieve The No-Makeup Look

7 Quick Ways To Achieve The No-Makeup Look

The no-makeup look has been a new but classic trend that took social media by storm. Online makeup gurus, makeup enthusiasts, and beauty influencers have their versions of the ‘clean girl look,’ perfect for everyday style.

Achieving the no-makeup look is all about finding the right products and techniques. It’s about wearing natural and radiant makeup; it looks like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. With lots of tutorials and tips online, it’s hard to find out what works.

That said, here are seven quick ways to achieve the no-makeup look.

  1. Invest In High-Quality Skin Care And Hair Care

Everything starts with the basics. Achieving the no-makeup look requires taking good care of your skin and crowning glory.

To find the best skin care products, you must determine your skin type and address your skin issues. When your skin is plump and healthy, you need fewer products to conceal blemishes, dark spots, and discoloration. Developing the most suitable skincare routine is the perfect makeup base.

Along with good skincare is proper hair care. Since your hair touches your face, disregarding it can lead to irritation and worsened skin problems. Plus, healthy hair is the best complement to a stunning look. If you’re looking for high-quality beauty products, you may visit and other online or local stores near you.

  1. Take Care Of Your Eyebrows And Lashes

Natural bushy brows and perfectly curled lashes are the staples of a no-makeup look. Taking care of them through treatments and enhancements saves you time applying makeup.

If you have naturally thick brows, trimming them and cleaning the sides regularly is enough for maintenance. Then, apply your favorite brow soap to hold the shape. For those with thinner brows with sparse areas, you may try using castor oil. However, eyebrow extension and microblading are also excellent and quick solutions.

Furthermore, getting an extension or lash lift can help you skip mascara and falsies. For those gifted with long and thick lashes, use a clear mascara or a lash fixer to hold the curl all day.

  1. Use Appropriate Color Corrector And Concealer

Having dark spots and discoloration is a common skin issue. Using the wrong concealer shade can only emphasize them instead of concealing them, so it’s best to find your perfect match.

Using a concealer that accurately matches your skin tone can help even out the imperfections. However, some may need to apply a color corrector first to neutralize redness and dark spots.

The proper color correctors depend on your skin condition and undertone. For instance, you can cover dark circles with salmon pink, peach, or orange correctors. After applying a color corrector, blend it out immediately and let it set before using a thin layer of concealer.

  1. Apply Dewy And Lightweight Foundation

Applying foundation is optional in a no-makeup look. If applying concealer is enough to cover your stubborn spots and give you a perfect glow, you can skip this part.

A light coverage foundation gives skin-like coverage to your face. For a dewy look, you may also use bb cream, skin tint, or tinted sunscreen as an alternative. As a tip, find a dewy foundation suitable for all skin types. It means even if you have oily skin, you don’t have to worry about looking greasy after just a few hours.

  1. Use Everything Cream-Based

As for the contour, blush, and highlight, always go for cream-based. Cream products blend seamlessly on the skin, suitable for maintaining your natural skin texture.

When applying cream products, you may use brushes or your fingertips to blend them. Then, pat a dry sponge to complete the blending process and absorb the excess products. If you prefer, you may use a translucent powder or move on to spritzing a hydrating makeup setting spray.

  1. Stick To Monochromatic Eyeshadow

Sticking to eyeshadows in peach, light pink, orange, beige, or brown is a must in a no-makeup look. You can even use your cream blush or contour to give your eyes a subtle depth and emphasis.

In a no-makeup look, using only one shade of eyeshadow is common. Then you apply a little bit of shimmer using your fingertips. After that, you can start applying eyeliner. It’s also ideal to use a brown eyeshadow as an eyeliner to naturally emphasize your eye shape.

  1. Find Your Perfect MLBB Shade

A lip product closest to your natural lip color is your perfect MLBB shade. You can choose lipstick, lip tint, lip cream, lip pencil, or even a colored lip balm to enhance your lips.

Determining your undertone helps you find your MLBB shade. For example, peachy, rosy, and terracotta shades suit a warm skin tone. At the same time, rosy brown nude shades may work for all undertones.


Achieving the no-makeup look is beyond finding the best products. It takes practice, with a lot of trial and error. However, the best thing is you’ll get to know your skin better and learn to appreciate your beauty along the journey.