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The top fashion associations in Asia have an important role in the business of fashion on a regional and global scale. The associations strive for integration, tolerance and cooperation between the different fashion industries across the world; support and establishment of regional fashion on a pan-Asian level; development of fashion design and their country’s heritage textile crafts; exchange and realisation of ideas, initiatives and concepts, and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the leading fashion association in Asia -:

China Fashion Association

Founded in 1993, China Fashion Association is a governing body that oversees the country’s domestic fashion industry and International relations. Registered at Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C. with its headquarter in Beijing, the association has both individual and group members including fashion designers, fashion brands, fashion media and model agencies. Overall, the association works to raise the international profile of the Chinese fashion industry and has entered into several international exchange activities such as the SINO-Italian Fashion Summit and Asian Fashion Federation Services.

The main activities of China Fashion Association include hosting China Fashion Week, first held in 1997 as a professional platform for fashion designers to showcase their collections and shines the spotlight on on traditional Chinese heritage and craftsmanship. The association also organises part-time courses for pattern making, draping and shop display, design and marketing management. And, has established strong bilateral relationships with fashion organizations in France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea and Singapore astride jointly founding Asian Fashion Federation with Japan Fashion Association and Korea Fashion Association.

Fashion Design Council Of India

Formed in 1998, the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) works to grow and strengthen the business of fashion in India. Widely acclaimed for promoting indigenous handwoven textiles and transforming Indian fashion as an artistic, cultural force worldwide, the council promotes and nurtures over four hundred members, including fashion and accessory designers and professionals, educational institutions and corporates.

The non-profit independent association of fashion designers is supported by the Indian Textile Ministry and its calendar of events includes the bi-annual India Fashion Week and the annual India Couture Week. Additionally, the council and works closely with fashion institute and collaborates with the Textile Ministry and the Commerce Industry Ministry, Government of India to host fashion and textile-related events and creates opportunities for FDCI members across India and overseas.

“Established designers will continue to create collections with smaller teams but younger designers are struggling with bills and opening stores. Although landlords and real estate people are helping them with subsidised rates it is challenging regardless. Thirdly, migrant labour has to come back in full strength. The tailors, the karigars, everyone. Lastly, we must look at season-less design instead of trends. This is what we feel now. But fashionistas may not agree and want new trends each season! So we can only wait and watch,” Sunil Sethi, President, FDCI told us about the challenges the fractured fashion industry continues to face, post-pandemic.

Japan Fashion Association

Established as an incorporated foundation on April 4, 1990, with the approval of the Minister of International Trade and Industry, the Japan Fashion Association strengthens the development of a lifestyle culture beyond the boundaries of clothing, food and shelter. The association solidifies its foundation in the international community in terms of economy, society and culture. As part of these efforts, it is also an important issue for the association to make a broad contribution through the creation of lifestyle culture as a value shared by the world. In Japan, some of its services include the establishment of “Japan Creation Award” which advocates “creating a richer lifestyle and culture” and the “Cinema Dream Club Award”.

Pakistan Fashion Design Council

A non-profit organization, the Pakistan Fashion Design Council represents and promotes Pakistani designers at all levels, both at the domestic level and overseas. Since 2010, the council has established fashion weeks and bridal weeks, endeavouring to place Pakistan on the international fashion week map. The success of these fashion weeks helped pave the way for Pakistan’s representation at the Federation Françoise du Prêt a Porter Feminin in Paris in September 2011. Subsequently, World Fashion Organization and World Fashion Week signed an MOU with the council to make it their official representative in Pakistan. On the domestic front, the council strengthens the business of fashion through its flagship multi-brand retail outlet in Lahore where around forty fashion designers are stocking their collections. And is actively is involved in the revival of the crafts sector by encouraging the merger of traditional hand embroideries with modern design and styling so that the apparel and accessories are globally relevant.


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Malaysia Official Designers Association

Malaysian Official Designers Association is a not-for-profit organisation that capitalises on the collective talent of the Malaysian fashion industry to enable sustainable growth and strengthen Malaysian fashion in the global fashion economy through creative influence and collaboration. It also supports the Malaysian fashion and creative industry through education, business development, marketing and promotion and networking. The Malaysian Official Designers Association offers designers networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and transfer from industry experts; facilitates its members to attend fashion events, talks, seminars, workshops and forums; provides mentorship and internship opportunities with experts in the fashion industry and aaccess to members-only content and informative fashion publications.