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Cannabis is legal in many American states, and consumption doors are wide open. But how would you like to benefit from cannabis? The best news is that you have several legal ways of consuming this plant in different forms. 

Concentrates are one of the most beneficial forms of cannabis-infused products. You can explore various cannabis concentrate types based on your preferences and taste. Our discussion examines different concentrates, their benefits, and the reasons to use them.

The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates Dabs, Shatter, Wax, and More

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Let’s start our discussion by defining cannabis concentrates. These are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or cannabidiol (CBD) concentrated masses. Most concentrates are usually packaged in small circular containers resembling lip balm, while others are packaged in flat, plastic bags. Their packages vary depending on the concentrates’ content. Manufacturers utilize different volatile solvents to prepare these substances, such as ethanol, butane, propane, or hexane.

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Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates and Reasons to Use Them

It would be best for us to examine the benefits of using these concentrates and the reasons for doing so before discussing their different types. Please note that these effects vary among individuals based on their sensitivity and doses. Below are reasons to consume cannabis concentrates, plus their health benefits

• They ensure better appetite control.
• They promote stress relief.
Users enjoy relief from anxiety.
The concentrates act as antioxidants.
They relieve arthritic pain.
Concentrates have anti-inflammatory effects, which relieve inflammatory pain.
CBD concentrates enhance mental clarity.

A study posted to Frontiers in Plant Science indicates that CBD research involving the nervous system and neurodegenerative diseases is promising. It reveals that CBD concentrates can fight fungal and bacterial infections.

Why should you consume concentrates instead of regular cannabis flowers? Here are the top reasons.

• Concentrates are more potent than regular cannabis flowers.
• They are less odorous.
Most people don’t want to smell like cannabis after smoking.
They have a fast consumption process.
They’re more cost-effective.
You need them in small amounts but still get a longer-lasting impact compared to smoking weed flowers.

The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates Dabs, Shatter, Wax, and More

Types of Cannabis Concentrates 

Cannabis concentrates come in different forms. Below are the top types of concentrates you can sample. More about cannabis here – AskGrowers.


CBD oil is a general term for different cannabis oil CBD concentrates rich in CBD. This oil is one of the most common cannabis concentrates.

Because of its potency, we recommend getting this oil only from a cannabis product vendor you can trust. The seller should offer personalized counseling tailored to your needs and dosing requirements. The vendor can advise you to ensure you don’t spend money without getting the best value for it. 


Cannabis rosin is another product that doesn’t depend on solvent use. Instead, it needs heat and pressure application on specific cannabis plant parts. Manufacturers create high-quality cannabis rosin by sifting cannabis flowers through several plastic bag layers to separate their trichomes. Afterward, they use a rosin press tool to isolate the cannabinoids and terpenes.

This rosin is famous for its purity and natural flavor many users enjoy. A balanced dabbing temperature range can provide the best and most pleasant experience for cannabis lovers. 

Tinctures are liquid concentrates from steam alcohol extraction that pulls out a cannabis plant’s useful cannabinoids. It’s further concentrated down to a very herbal-flavored liquid. Although they resemble CBD oils in some ways, they still differ. 

Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is another CBD concentrate worth noting and tasting. Manufacturers make it through a butane extraction process. As its name suggests, the substance looks like brown sugar. It has a crumbly, slightly sticky, and shiny look. This wax is made using cannabis strains vulnerable to retaining water because they produce the best results. However, these products may have varying colors ranging from light yellow to amber. 


You can also enjoy cannabis concentrates in the form of shatter. This concentrate gets its name from its texture because it looks like glass and shatters into tiny pieces under pressure. Cannabis shatter is a thin, clear, and sheet-like extract. It can either have a golden or amber color. 

Manufacturers create shatter by allowing butane hash oil (a solvent-based extract) to cool after heating. When an extractor makes a concentrate, they mix or stir the remaining oil to get a substance with a viscous texture. 

However, creating shatter involves a slightly different process requiring the extract to be left undisturbed to produce its fragile look. This approach ensures the shatter’s delicate molecular structure remains intact. 

Shatter’s highly pure cannabis nature requires a high THC potency between 50% and 90%. This high potency range makes it ideal for medical use. Besides, this concentrate is suitable for persons with chronic pain because of its powerful medicinal effects. You may also use it if you have challenges with stress, depression, and mood swings. But we recommend consulting your doctor before using it, especially if you use other prescription drugs or are expectant.


You may also enjoy cannabis concentrates in the form of budder. This extract is yellowish or amber and mimics butter in texture. This product differs from others because it’s flavorful, aromatic, and colorful. It has a creamy texture that makes it yummy for consumption and storage. 

Handling budder is easy because you can conveniently scoop and enjoy it. This concentrate has some of the highest terpene levels. We recommend it for anyone seeking a tasty, aromatic dab. It’s also rich in THC, with a decent potency of up to 50%. 


Crumble is another product you can taste from the cannabis concentrate category. It is more of budder’s brittle version, where the former is made at high temperatures and whipped, while the latter is left on low heat to allow the solvent to evaporate gradually. This way, the cannabis concentrate retains its full flavor. 


Distillate is a cannabis concentrate created through distillation. This product is made using a solvent instead of rosin. A manufacturer often manipulates variables, like pressure and temperature, to create a unique cannabinoid profile. This way, the product can have various effects and tastes. 

A distillate may contain flavonoids or terpenes based on what a manufacturer wants to achieve and include in their final product. The distilled product can take various forms, such as oils or crystals. 

A distillate differs from other cannabis concentrates because it may be reduced to a single cannabinoid like CBD or THC. This narrowing reduces the levels of other chemicals present in the distillate. This method shouldn’t worry you because you can use such distillates if you seek a specific cannabis experience. In fact, this particular approach gives you the freedom to choose what you specifically need and leave out the rest. 

Parting Shot

You can enjoy cannabis in various legal ways using different products on the market. Among the array of legal products available, Stiiizy dispensaries offer a range of concentrates with precise CBD/THC concentrations, providing a convenient and efficient option for enjoying cannabis according to your preferences. Concentrates are a convenient and efficient option for many, as they come with his CBD/THC concentrations and suit a variety of medical uses. You can explore these products in different forms based on your likes and preferences. Thus, based on our discussion, you can now choose the best concentrate to give you your fair share of enjoying cannabis. 


The author of this article is Tia Moskalenko, an activist, writer, and researcher in the field of cannabis growing and product manufacturing. Tia is a full-time author at AskGrowers, educating users on the safe and responsible forms of weed consumption to improve their experiences and make their lives better without medications.