Last update on: 9:08 am January 16, 2024 by fashionabc

After making strides in fashion.. the convergence of co-creation and AI graphic generators is reshaping the mental health space. Fashion-tech platforms like Space Runners empower consumers by providing intuitive tools to enable them to seamlessly design and create in order to express themselves. The core team is committed to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence, and in its latest collaboration with L.O.T.L., uses its powerhouse creative and design AI tool, Ablo, to interpret and express human emotions, translating them into one-of-a-kind mental health-inspired digital collectibles.

Space runners collaborates with L.O.T.L. to introduce mental health-inspired digital collectibles

The HOW DO YOU FEEL? campaign encourages users to express themselves emotionally and creatively. Ablo’s user-friendly interface empowers users to interact with generative AI using simple text prompts, creating distinctive collectibles that reflect the designer’s emotional state through Smiley-inspired collectibles that he or she can mint. With a simple text description of emotions, AI generates a unique visual representation of it using its machine learning algorithms. Ablo’s technology carefully analyzes and understands descriptions of human emotions and adjusts it to Smiley’s IP, creating a visually stunning and unique collectible, fostering self-expression and individuality in the tech realm.

In the age of personalisation, Ablo’s generative AI transcends traditional consumer-brand dynamics, envisioning a future where the mental health space is transformed through the convergence of co-creation and AI graphic generators, and aims to empower us by offering intuitive tools that facilitate creation and self- expression, enhanced consumer engagement and loyalty. This shift towards customized experiences and products not only elevates brand-consumer relationships but also sets a new standard for brands navigating the digital landscape.

This collaboration between Space Runners, L.O.T.L. and Smiley is a journey into the future where hyper personalisation is the essence of digital culture. There are obvious benefits to this approach, as it’s a creative opportunity for consumers. Earlier this month, Space Runners made waves with their collaboration with the iconic French fashion house Balmain and American artist Ant Kai. The launch unveiled a collection of personalized Unicorn sneakers co-designed using Space Runner’s cutting-edge generative AI, captivating audiences worldwide.