Last update on: 4:40 am January 1, 2024 by fashionabc

In recent news Meta announced the launch of wearable devices that up the ante in smart eyewear: in collaboration with iconic eyewear brand Ray-Ban, the Ray-Ban Meta glasses are embedded with an AI assistant, built-in camera and microphone. To operate Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses the wearer needs to connect their glasses with a smart phone and the Meta View app. The checklist includes Android 10 and above with location services enabled or iOS 14.4 and above, wireless internet access, USB-C charging cable and a plug, a Meta account and the Meta View app.

Meta Ray-Ban AI-powered smart glasses

The potential impact of these smart glasses on daily life is considerable. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses is a demonstration of the power of combining fashion with state-of-the-art technology and opens up a world of possibilities for individuals to receive real-time AI-driven advice on style and also capture what they see and hear with the ultra-wide 12 MP camera and five-mic system. Yes, you can now take high-quality photographs or videos and livestream it to Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, these glasses could redefine the retail landscape. Imagine receiving suggestions from your virtual AI assistant while browsing in stores.

Wearers can also listen to their favourite songs and answer calls with discreet, open-ear speakers. They’re custom built to deliver extended bass and high maximum volume even in noisy or windy environments. What’s more you don’t get labelled a geek; you can wear them to a business meeting, luncheon with friends, or at a party, confident of making a style statement while harnessing its AI capabilities. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are not just a product; they represent a window into the future of technology. What’s more exciting? Get information by saying “Hey Meta” and ask Meta AI to get the information you need in a heartbeat. Anytime, anyplace.

With their AR capabilities, connectivity and personalisation, they demonstrate the direction fashion technology is headed. Navigating the features of these smart glasses is pretty easy too with its user-friendly touch controls. The wearer can adjust settings, answer calls and interact with AR functions with a touch on the frames! Where can you get a pair? The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are available on the Meta website and other certified Meta retailers. They are also available on, at official Ray-Ban stores and from certified Ray-Ban dealers – online and in store. Currently they’re available for purchase in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Australia.