Confindustria Moda, CNA Federmoda And Sportello Amianto Nazionale Join Forces To Enhance The Supply Of Masks And Protective Equipment

PwC Italy leads the initiative: more than 200 applications from manufacturers operating in the textile-fashion industry

Confindustria Moda, in response to the Covid-19 emergency, launched a campaign to collect applications from textile-fashion companies to supply non-woven fabrics (TNT) and convert production into that of scarcely available protective masks. At the same time, CNA Federmoda also activated a call to its associates on the interest to collaborate in the production of masks or other personal protective equipment to help overcome the lack of availability during this emergency. This is another effort from the fashion industry to help with the crisis.

Two social media posts by PwC Italy Partner, Erika Andreetta, who heads the luxury goods sector, amplified the appeal and, in a few days, more than 100 applications were received through PwC Italy.

This action was taken following Art.5 of the Italian Care Decree (Cure Italia) 16 March 2020, which covers incentives for the production and supply of medical devices and, in particular, the extraordinary provisions for the production of surgical masks and personal protective equipment.

Sportello Amianto Nazionale had a crucial role in coordinating this initiative, acting as promoter and manager of the project for the immediate conversion of plants in italy and in structuring control, management and coordination networks for reassortments in line with relevant bodies and supported by the Extraordinary Commissioner’s support.

The drafting of the plan called “National industrial reconversion Covid emergency”, has seen the collective involvement of Confindustria Moda (Italian Textile, Fashion and Accessory Federation) which represent the entire textile, fashion and accessory system, bringing together about 66 thousand clothing companies located throughout Italy and CNA Federmoda, the representative structure of the fashion sector of the CNA (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises).

The CNA Federmoda Union brings together the textile, clothing, footwear, leather goods, fur, tailoring, eyewear and related activities.

Sportello Amianto Nazionale is already proceeding to verify the availability of the industrial fabric confirmed by the partners to structure an aggregation of producers of TNT (Non-Woven Fabric) in Italy, and presenting a detailed protocol to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Extraordinary Commissioner and that will be able to put together the demand from Regions, Healthcare Structures and Territories, with an offer of large quantities of masks, coats, socks , and TNT suits “Made in Italy” to help manage the emergency.

Sportello Amianto Nazionale, Confindustria Moda, CNA Federmoda are now waiting for clearance on the procedures presented by the Extraordinary Commissioner, to facilitate the accreditation process by the Ministry of Health and INAIL of the various establishments on the Italian territory, and therefore be able to immediately guarantee facilitated supply chains of mask and other personal protective equipment between local bodies, hospitals, regional administration and the national control room, as well as consolidating economic strategies to support the supply, conversion and work of all the companies involved.

All companies interested in participating can contact the trade associations indicated, send an email to, or contact Sportello Amianto Nazionale at the numbers listed on the site

As part of this emergency plan, suppliers that can guarantee significant quantities of TNT produced in Italy by supporting a constant production of masks and other PPE have already been identified. The scouting of the Sportello Amianto Nazionale and the Partners Confindustria Moda and CNA Federmoda was based on precise priority criteria such as the production of TNT in Italy, certification of the materials used, immediately available warehouse and production capacity.

The primary supplier identified by the Sportello Amianto Nazionale to make this industrial conversion plan concrete and immediately enforceable for the production of all the devices described above is 100 OEKO-TEX certified for the production of TNT usable in CLASS II for items used that come in contact with the skin.