Last update on: 4:56 pm January 22, 2024 by fashionabc

In recent fashion technology news 9dcc- a crypto-native luxury phygital fashion brand launched in 2022- has been awarded “Phygital Brand of the Year” at the Phygicode Impact Awards of Phygital Wednesday at WEB3 Hub by Phygicode, CV Labs, CV VC at The World Economic Forum in Davos. The event is widely acknowledged as one where leaders across diverse industries come together from different parts of the world to discuss the future of politics, business, fashion and technology.

What made the jury choose 9dcc? While innovative from a tech perspective, 9dcc [a fashion label created by web3 investor and influencer G-money] subscribes to the ideals of iconic fashion houses: uncompromising choices in designs, materials and craftsmanship, illustrative storytelling and select distribution that caters to the luxury fashion market. 9dcc simultaneously reinterprets centuries-old traditions of house codes and offers a fresh modern take on fashion for a digital-first consumer, whose views on fashion and design align with Gmoney’s vision of timeless style. Each iteration, collaboration and Networked Product has innovated the integration of fashion and technology, redefining the concept of community and brand engagement.


The award recognized Gmoney’s ‘Networked Products’ — phygital luxury T-shirts and baseball caps which are interconnected with blockchain technology via integrated near field communication chips. They create consumer loyalty by providing holders access to a phygital ecosystem of connections and rewards. With over 5,000 “Networked Products” distributed and over 30,000 instances of “proof of presence,” 9dcc’s impact on the fashion industry and the Web3 landscape marks a transformative force that continues to shape the future of fashion and society as a whole.

“Receiving the ‘Phygital Brand of the Year’ award during Davos 2024 is not just a recognition for 9dcc, but a testament to the boundless possibilities of the Web3 world… This award symbolizes a significant milestone in our team’s quest to redefine luxury in a digital-first era. It’s an honor to lead this revolution. We are at the beginning, exploring uncharted territories, creating a future where every piece we create is not just a garment, but a key to an ever-evolving universe of exclusive experiences and connections… This is for all of us who dare to dream and build at the epicenter of fashion, technology, and community,” gmoney CEO 9dcc said in a company release.