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Social media has consistently shown it’s a phenomenal way for engaging with their audience and is very beneficial when it comes to growing your fashion business. Even though every platform has positives and negatives, Instagram is growing rapidly with more and more fashion companies beginning to prioritise its use, only the issue is there not sure on how to use it.

Instagram is photogenic tool as well. It aims to be visually striking, engaging and
have constant focus on your approach, but in what ways can a fashion business truly capture its
importance on this popular platform?
Owner of the world’s highest-rated Dental Digital Marketing Agency, Shaz
Memon extends his knowledge and expertise from his recent book, Instagram for Business and shares

5 ways Instagram can grow your Fashion Business:

1. Image organisation 

often overlooked, organising your images makes a difference. Creating
folders on your phone with a supply of images means you don’t have to scout around for stock
images and always have resources readily available. Instagram is a mobile platform, remember!

2. Do not buy followers 

looking to fast track your follower numbers? Don’t be tempted to buy
followers. This goes against Instagram’s Terms of Use and may result in a ban. More importantly, this
can damage your brand as you may appear to be pulling the wool over potential customer’s
eyes with false numbers. Unlike buying followers, using organic Instagram growth service or Instagram marketing agencies does not go against Instagram’s Terms of Use.

3. Adding Stories to your highlights 

stories are paramount to a successful account, but sometimes
you don’t want them to disappear after their 24-hour lifespan. Highlights recreate your best stories and stay in your profile permanently so customers can watch at any time – this is great for
posting quick tips, facts, or showing off press features.

4. Paying for post promotion

paying for followers is bad; paying for promotion is good. This gets
more visibility and considering Instagram users are more likely to engage 10 times more than
Facebook users, this could be a winner for a new product, offer or service. Just be sure to target
appropriately during the promotions – don’t send the ad to absolutely everyone out there.

5. Outsourcing

Instagram is about being genuine and engaging with your audience. If you
outsource, the third party may not convey your message properly, and you could lose your voice –
and customers. You may also need to explain the jargon or answer direct messages, so, in the long
run, you’ll end up managing the account yourself. Consistency and authenticity are crucial.