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As one of the leading sportswear brands in China, Anta Sports designs, manufactures and markets sports apparel, shoes and accessories.


In 1994, sixteen-year-old Ding Shizhong tried to lighten his the financial burden of his family by selling shoes that his father made at home, eventually opening Anta in Jinjiang, Fujian. The history of the brand is fast-paced, with Anta becoming known as a pioneer of sports science in China when it established the first domestic “Sports Science Laboratory” in 2005 with testing equipments and evaluation systems to design distinctive products for professional athletes and amateurs. Anta Sports was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007 with its IPO price at HK$5.28 per share.

In 2009, Anta acquired Fila’s Chinese business from Belle International and introduced Japanese skiwear brand Descente to the China through a joint venture. ‘As a single brand, we won’t be able to surpass Nike and Adidas. But with our multi-brand strategy, there is a possibility that we could’ said Ding Shizhong, per CNBC. Star power is another course of action through which the company has enhanced brand visibility. By signing top-tier NBA players like Klay Thompson in 2015, Anta established a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business in the US. Per Forbes, he re-signed a ten-year deal in 2017 for $9 million annual payment. Before Thompson, Anta had signed other NBA players like Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and Luis Scola but only he had a worldwide impact with Anta KT shoes, apparel and accessories.

As China’s leading sportswear company, Anta sponsors top-tier sports leagues with long-term commitment to Chinese Basketball Association, men’s and women’s volleyball league and men’s and women’s super table tennis league. In 2019, Anta Group was the third-largest sportswear company worldwide and divided its brands into three segments for central management: professional, fashion and outdoor sports. Per CNBC, Ding Shizhong says he aims to make Anta the leading sportswear brand in China by 2025.


To integrate the sports spirit of “Going beyond oneself” into everyone’s daily life.


To be the top national sportswear brand in China.,_Fujian