Last update on: 4:15 am June 22, 2024 by fashionabc

In today’s fast-paced retail world, it is important for businesses to grab the attention of the modern tech-savvy shopper by setting a new state neared in retail with digital signage. Interactive digital signs have become a strong and impactful tool, going beyond the standard still displays to improve the customer experiences by employing smart, interactive technologies.

Yours Clothing, one of the UK’s fastest-growing fashion retailers acclaimed for its stylish and pocket-friendly plus size clothing with collections in sizes 10-36, allow all their consumers to look good, feel great and stand proudly in their body. From everyday wardrobe favourites to occasion wear must-haves, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to making fashion that fits everyBODY. Today, the retailer is revolutionising their storefronts with digital signage in partnership with AnyPlace Media Group. With over a hundred stores across the UK and Ireland, this new developments highlights the retailer’s commitment to innovation and increasing brand exposure. The goal is to create an inspiring narrative, drive footfall and elevate the customer experience.

This initiative is a part of the retailer’s broader marketing strategy to leverage captivating advertising campaigns. AnyPlace Media Group has installed digital screens with a brightness level of up to 4500 nits, far exceeding the typical 250-500 nits’ range found in most standard televisions and monitors. Backlit poster-boards in the outlet display windows have been replaced with either 65” or 75” high bright digital screens, ensuring maximum visual impact, made to withstand direct sunlight and showcase messaging around the clock. A sophisticated content management platform will be included to accompany the digital displays. This platform provides control over digital communications, enabling their marketing team to update and tailor messaging to reflect the most current campaigns.

Till date, 18 installations have been completed, with plans to continue the rollout throughout 2024. Karen Bradbury, VM Manager at Yours Clothing stated, “The introduction of digital screens is a real step change for the Yours Clothing brand, giving us the opportunity to showcase video assets from our fashion shoots to really bring our clothes to life…. We have full control over video content, allowing us to deliver timely, market-relevant, strategic campaigns. Having the team at AnyPlace Media guide us through this process, advising us on the best solutions has made this project a positive experience.”

Neil Sewell, Director at AnyPlace Media Group also commented, “We’re thrilled to partner with Yours Clothing, enhancing their ability to create inspiring narratives and drive footfall. Our content management platform empowers their marketing team to seamlessly update and tailor messaging for maximum impact.
This collaboration showcases Yours Clothing is committed to being at the forefront of the changing retail landscape. We’re excited to continue this rollout throughout 2024”.

Yours Clothing’s innovative approach to retail digital signage is set to enhance the shopping experience for their customers and setting themselves up for long-term commerce success. The key lies in understanding and anticipating consumer requirements, harnessing the power of technology to enhance the consumer experience and fostering transparency and trust in all interactions.