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There’s no denying that mastectomy is one of the most overwhelming and challenging experiences a woman must go through and that’s something that for sure impacts her on every level.

But as true warriors, women overcome this as well because they know that it’s nothing but just another hurdle on their way. They become even more resilient and powerful which is why I admire them a lot.

Now, one of the things they must think about after the surgery is what they are going to wear. Namely, they would like to have something that’s fashionable, yet comfortable. If you need some tips when it comes to this, then, my dear ladies, just scroll below!

Top Post-Mastectomy Fashion Tips And Tricks From The Pros


Be Patient With Yourself

I know that to a lot of you, fashion is an integral part of your life and I completely understand if you would like to feel beautiful (even though you already are) as quickly as possible, but I would like to remind you that you’ve just gone through a serious surgery and that your body needs some time to get over this shock and adjust.

Your mind needs that too! When I say this I mean that it’s going to take some time to get used to your new look, along with the latest clothing needs. That’s precisely why it’s of huge importance to give yourself some time before you start buying new pieces of clothing. So browse the web and take a look at articles that are dedicated to this topic (just like this one) that are going to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Begin With Breast Forms

Before you cast your eyes on some adorable outfit, first let’s start with the bare necessities, which in this case is a breast form. That’s something that’s going to make a huge difference in your life after the surgery.

A top-notch, comfortable breast form is going to enable you to wear anything your heart desires with confidence. I’ve heard from lots of women that Florida has an amazing offering when it comes to this. Therefore, if you reside in this state, then I would advise you to find a good breast forms shop in Florida that’s going to make you feel great. Fortunately, nowadays, you can run into these forms in a variety of different materials, shapes, colors, and sizes.

What I generally love about them is the fact that they provide you with that natural feeling. Of course, they can never feel exactly the same as a natural breast, however, with them, you won’t feel any inconvenience.


Comfy Clothes Is Most Definitely Okay!

I know that some of you may feel pressured to feel and look spectacular right after this procedure, but please, please, please, keep reminding yourself that you’ve just gone through something that’s very stressful (to say the least) and that literally nobody is expecting you to immediately put on your favorite dress and go to the party.

Not only will you feel vulnerable in every sense, but you will also feel very uncomfortable in the beginning due to scar tissue, and many other things. Therefore, it’s pivotal in these instances to prioritize comfort over anything else.

If I were you, I would purchase the most comfortable clothes in the universe, such as baggy shirts or dresses, a lovely pair of pajamas, and those sorts of things. And if you want to spend an entire day in these pieces of clothing, then do it.

Who cares what anyone is going to say? Now, if you decide to acquire a pajama, then it would be smart to get a pair that you can easily button up because this way, you’ll be able to move much better without experiencing a lot of pain. I mean, sadly, pain in these types of situations it’s inevitable because of the scar tissue, but that’s why you need to wear something that’s going to lessen it as much as possible.


Did You See A Madewell Denim Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Shirt?

If there’s one item that a vast majority of women who have gone through mastectomy adore that’s precisely this shirt. And this comes as no surprise since all they all want something that’s going to make them feel nice and comfy.

Generally speaking, most breast-cancer patients will tell you that button-downs are one of the best things that you can wear after the surgery, particularly due to the fact that you won’t be able to raise your arms above your head in order to pull any shirt.

Consequently, you need to make sure you obtain something that’s truly comfortable, yet that’s going to show (if that matters to you) that you remained a passionate fashionista. These sorts of things are generally a great idea because they are very convenient around the chest area and leave plenty of room for things such as drains and bandages.


What Are The Most Essential Fabrics?

Generally speaking, whenever you’re purchasing something new, one of the things that should always be among your priorities is for sure fabrics. And that’s especially crucial in these instances. 

Bear in mind that the goal is to buy something that’s going to make you feel comfortable and that will let your skin breathe. So what are the best options then? Below I’ll enumerate several:

• Modal – what’s generally great about it is the fact that it provides fantastic flexibility and is very soft to the touch. It resembles cotton (when it comes to texture) and will most definitely flatter your figure.
• Jersey – Jersey is loved by many women who have gone through mastectomy due to the fact that it’s very flexible and light, and, at the same time, insulating. It’s oftentimes employed to make outstanding leggings comfortable T’s.
• Cotton – there’s no doubt that cotton is one of the most popular materials among all genders and ages because of its softness and phenomenal breath-ability, hence should certainly be your choice.

Top Post-Mastectomy Fashion Tips And Tricks From The Pros

I know that fashion is probably the last thing on your mind right now, however, I wanted to write this article so that you can utilize it whenever you decide to make some post-mastectomy fashion changes.