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The 3+1 Most Quiet Mykonos Beaches for More Laid-Back Experiences (before you hit the party shores)! 

The 3+1 Most Quiet Mykonos Beaches for More Laid-Back Experiences (before you hit the party shores)! 

Everybody knows Mykonos for its fabled parties and animated night scene. It makes sense, as it has been dominating the Mediterranean as a leading party mecca since the 1960s, when the Greek elite and their international VIP friends made the beautiful Queen of the Cyclades their luxury promise-land, a place freed from cliches and restrictions of any sort! And, among their wildest of times by the beach, they often pampered themselves with more relaxed seaside experiences to help unwind, relax, and recharge their batteries, and be ready for their next wild, night-long adventure along the Mykonos coastline or its inland pleasures. 

Indeed, with more than 30 different beaches to choose from, the Island of the Winds is an earthly heaven enabling visitors to soak up some rays in the more quiet and peaceful parts of the island. Here is a list with the most serene options that can prepare you for the crazy evenings and nights waiting ahead! 

  • Do I go south or north? 

First and foremost, it all depends on what you are after. If you have decided to get a taste of the cosmopolitan side of the Queen of the Cyclades, you’ll need to head to the southern coast of the island, where the shores are wind protected and home to the most legendary Mykonos beach bars and clubs offering day (and night)-long entertainment of all sorts. 

As for the northern side of the island, it is embellished with a charming string of beautiful, quieter and more isolated and tranquil beaches that are perfect for windsurfing lovers due to the northern Meltemi winds that often blow there, as well as couples and groups of friends looking for some low-key beach options. 

  • 3 Most Secluded & Peaceful Mykonos Beaches 

  1. Ornos Beach – Blending Cycladic charm with seaside thrills 

Tucked in a charming bay, Ornos beach is one of the most popular and family-friendly Mykonos beaches, located just 3km from the island’s capital. Besides the sandy shore, though, Ornos is also home to a picturesque, traditional village with beautiful whitewashed Cycladic architecture, cobbled streets, many convenience stores, seaside tavernas and dining options, and relaxed vibes throughout. As expected, Ornos is the most preferred location for the finest 5-star luxury accommodation, as it pairs exquisite beach experiences and a lively night scene with an inviting, laid-back atmosphere. 

  1. Agrari Beach – Quiet and serene with lovely fine sand

Agrari Beach is one of the most tranquil options on Mykonos island, with an inviting sugary shore and a vibe that’s neither too quiet nor too loud. In other words, Agrari is a great compromise between the more populated beaches with the animated parties and loud music and the more isolated ones with zero tourist facilities.  

When you first lay eyes on Agrari Beach, you’ll probably be fascinated by the natural landscape and the hillsides that envelop this wide open coastal spot as the glistering Aegean Sea caresses the shoreline. You’ll find it around 10km from Mykonos Town (the capital of Mykonos), while also featuring a nice taverna serving delicious seafood and other local dishes right on the sand. Plus, a bar accompanying your afternoon or evening hours with refreshing cocktails and chilling music. 

Tip: An equally quiet and beautiful (yet, narrow) beach option is Agios Ioannis, not far from Agrari Beach. It welcomes visitors with two beach clubs (including the infamous Hippie Fish Beach Club), tavernas, two good dining options, a quite lively ambiance, and even a clothing-optional section. 

  1. Fokos Beach – Raw natural allure and a totally unspoilt site

If you are after a sandy beach where it can be just you and the sound of the waves gently clashing against the shore, then this is where you need to be headed to. Fokos Beach is less than 13km away from the bustling capital and has zero tourist facilities, but all the natural delights expected from a magnificent Greek island like Mykonos. 

The soft sand and the superbly appealing natural surroundings compensate for the lack of sunbeds, umbrellas, crowds, vendors, DJs, hotels, shops, or water sport rentals that distinguish other more popular seaside Fokos siblings. What is also worth exploring while at Fokos beach is the amazing family-run taverna just off the shore serving mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine and beautiful hand-made pottery created by the owner of the lovely dining facility! 

  • Last insider’s tips

For optimal Mykonos experiences, do consider combining your relaxed beach endeavours with the ultimate pampering provided by top-notch Mykonos luxury hotels, which not only offer exquisite, elegant suites overlooking the splendour of the Aegean Sea but also wellness and private dining options; even an entire luxury schooner ready to take you along the beauties of the coastline or further in the open sea, for truly magical moments!