Last update on: 4:49 pm June 15, 2023 by fashionabc

Earlier this year, leading fashion tech platform Space Runners collaborated with iconic French fashion house Balmain to create a collection of digital-wearables and physical apparel, proving without a doubt that our virtual and IRL wardrobes have become intertwined. Today, Space Runners has joined hands with Smiley, a pioneer in the IP space, to create ‘Smiley World by Space Runners’: a collection of NFTs tied to physical products. Another sign that what we consider wearable is fundamentally changing.

Image Source: official twitter account of Space Runners

“Smiley World by Space Runners” is set to make its debut on Opensea. Poised to become a momentous event for the fashion, tech and licensing industries with its unique fusion of digital collectibles, AI technology and physical merchandise, each Smiley World within the collection showcases a unique theme, ranging from streetwear and gaming to music and mental health.  The primary objective is to foster a community dedicated to making the world a better place. How do they achieve this? By building an immersive digital fashion experience, Space Runners rewards creativity. Owners of Smiley Worlds will  enjoy exclusive access to upcoming drops, receive royalties from merchandise sales, and get news of future NFT drops. They will also have the opportunity to present their plans for utilizing their NFTs and collaborate with the Space Runners team, further enhancing their engagement with the collection and the broader community.

‘The collection revolves around ten Smiley Worlds, each facing the threat of an expanding black hole that jeopardises their existence. However, the worlds unite and devise a plan to resist the pull of the black hole and ultimately destroy it. Their collective efforts result in the triumph over the black hole, leading to resurgence of life on the Smiley Worlds. To commemorate their victory, the worlds decide to share and unlock their values and utilities in the form of NFTs, empowering the community to enhance their own abilities and spread positivity throughout the galaxy.’ Per the official release.

As the physical and digital worlds continue to merge, such collaborations will transform the way we think about self-expression and personal style. Our virtual and IRL wardrobes are becoming increasingly intertwined, as the current generation wants to express their individuality, creativity and spread positivity in a hyper-personalised way.