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Technology is set to transform homegrown sports and improve audience engagement and experience at the matches. Technological solutions, particularly AI, is increasingly becoming a game-changer in diverse industries – and sports is no exception. From enhancing player performance to revolutionising audience engagement and safety at the stadium, AI’s impact on the sports industry is profound.

Combining the excitement of homegrown sports with the power of cutting-edge technology, Prisma AI announced a partnership with professional Pro-Kabaddi League team Jaipur Pink Panthers to introduce a next-generation ticketing system. Powered by Prisma AI’s verification platform Veri5, it allows audiences to enter the stadium using facial recognition technology instead of a QR code, making the challenging task of entering stadiums quick and hassle-free.

By integrating Prisma AI’s advanced visual algorithms, the new system addresses the challenges of managing large crowds and long wait times inherent in sporting events.. subsequently elevating the stadium experience for audiences, teams and organisers. A turning point in the Pro-Kabaddi League, this fusion of technology and sports will be the first time a global Indian AI company will collaborate with an Indian sports team.

Prisma AI X Jaipur Pink Panthers

As part of the partnership, Prisma AI is closely working with the Jaipur Pink Panthers team and paytm insider to bring the power of computer vision to drive fan engagement and access to the venues for a seamless and secure experience. Per a company release, Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan, owner of the Jaipur Pink Panthers, said, “Our collaboration with Prisma AI marks a groundbreaking phase in sports technology. This partnership reflects Jaipur Pink Panthers’ dedication to adopting technological advancements for the betterment of our devoted fan base.”

The goal of this spots- technology collaboration is to enhance audience engagement and streamline venue access, providing a seamless secure experience for everyone. Dr. Shreeram Iyer, Chairman and Group CEO of Prisma AI, reveals in a company release, “As an Indian company, we take great pride in collaborating with the Jaipur Pink Panthers, representing a sport deeply embedded in our country’s culture. Our partnership aims to utilize computer vision for an improved in-stadium fan experience, streamlined venue access, and enhanced venue security.”