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Eina Ahluwalia is India’s first conceptual jewellery artist custom handcrafting meaningful jewellery since 2003. She puts her collections together by designing pieces of jewellery that incorporate symbolic commentaries. The pieces of wearable art are containers for messages and reminders, which form the main material of her work. Eina Ahluwalia and her team use traditional craft as well as cutting edge technology to create new traditions and contemporary heirlooms. They love subverting the traditional idea of jewellery as mere ornamentation and reclaiming it as a woman’s way of expressing her independent identity and as a celebration of herself. Let’s check out some of the best-sellers.

Sabr Shukr Bangle

‘Sabr’ ‎‎and ‘Shukr’ are Arabic words that mean patience and gratitude, the perfect philosophy for life, irrespective of the wearer’s faith. Conceptual jewellery artist Eina Ahluwalia hopes women wear this Sabr Shukr bangle everyday for it to remind them to be patient in difficult times and to be grateful for every little thing in good times and bad, and to have faith in themselves and in God all of the time. Handcrafted in sterling silver with the option of 18K gold plating, the sleek bangle is the perfect piece of jewellery for everyday wear. If this is a gift for someone special, do let the luxury brand’s team know the name of the person you’d like Eina Ahluwalia to address the note to in addition to your personalized message, if any.

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Kirpan Necklace

Traditionally, a Kirpan is a a small sword worn on the body as a religious symbol for the Sikhs. The conceptual jewellery artist chose to use this symbol of protection, as a kirpan neckpiece, to portray her stand against Domestic Violence. A piece that must inspire every woman to Love, Respect and Protect herself even if someone else doesn’t. handcrafted in brass with gold plating by her team of Master Craftsmen in India, it is evocative of the jewellery designer’s deep belief in empowering women to take a stand for themselves. She includes a concept card with a note about the collection, care card and a personal note from herself, in the packaging, a travel-friendly fabric pouch and the brad’s keepsake pinewood box. PS The Kolkata-based designer’s iconic kirpan pendant has been featured in a collector’s edition book: Showcase 500 Art Necklaces by Lark Craft publishers. The pendant was one of five hundred designs selected by a jury on the basis of technical excellence, diverse forming techniques and aesthetics.

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Nirbhau Nirwair, Chardi Kala Bangle

The Nirbhau Nirwair, Chardi Kala Bangle inscribed with ‘Nirbhau Nirvair’ and ‘Chardi Kala’ on either side of the bangle respectively is meant to remind the wearer to live ‘Without Fear’ and ‘Without Hate’ respectively. Together they give a powerful message of living a life without fear and hatred for anyone. Along with ‘Chardi Kala’ i.e. maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude, it is a powerful daily message to live our best lives. For daily wear, the luxury brand recommends sterling silver without plating or 18K gold. Chat with the team on +91 9831299125 if you need help at all! Confused about your bangle size? Simply use the ‘I don’t know my size’ option and the team will get in touch with you to confirm your wrist size, once your order is placed. A travel-friendly fabric pouch, a beautiful keepsake box, a note about the collection, a care card, with a personal note from the Kolkata-based jewellery designer.

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Custom Mantra Ring

There are some words that the jewellery designer lives by, some words that keep her connected, some that bring her strength and hope, and some that remind her of her own path. One of her missions as a conceptual jewellery artist is to be the medium through which the wearer to holds her words close to her heart. So, she created this Custom Mantra Ring on which the wearer can write her thoughts, her song, her message, a letter to another person perhaps… the jeweller will write her words both on the outside and the inside in the wearer’s chosen language, and customize it for her… only one piece, only for her. As a sample, Eina Ahluwalia created the Gayatri Mantra Ring in Hindi so you can visualize the infinite possibilities that exist. For daily wear, the team recommends sterling silver without plating or 18K gold.

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