Last update on: 7:23 pm June 30, 2023 by fashionabc

Marc Jacobs Fall Winter ’23  held at the New York Public Library ended in a flash, catching fashion editors, buyers and other guests completely off guard. In under three minutes(!) twenty-nine models walked the runway- through two carousel loops- and swiftly returned backstage. And just like that… Marc Jacobs came out to take a bow and the showing was over. Whoa!


Image Source: Official Instagram account of Marc Jacobs


Hash-tagged in his official Instagram account as #anewyorkminute, the show’s brevity wasn’t the only thing that sent shockwaves throughout the auditorium. OpenAI-powered ChatGPT generated the collection title – ‘Marc Jacobs: A striking fusion of masculine tailoring and feminine elegance’ – as well as the collection note provided to the guests. While trying to fathom what they had just experienced on the catwalk and browsing through the Fall 2023-24 show notes, everyone was left with questions… Why did the models rush through the showing? Why was the carefully considered work of a fashion designer described by generative AI? Was it a reflection of the relentless pace of fashion due to which fashion designers were feeling the heat of showing multiple collections to meet the fashion calendar’s requirements? Is that why Marc Jacobs had delegated tasks to technology instead of the traditional personal touch…?

It’s too early to predict the consequences of integrating ChatGPT into fashion showings but there are several ways fashion designers could put the technology to use. After all, it’s worth noting that ChatGPT can create content in seconds. ‘The collection showcases impeccably tailored suits designed exclusively for women, accompanied by flat shoes, black tights and stunning altered gowns,’ read the Marc Jacobs AW 2023-24 show notes. ‘The predominantly black and white palette created a striking visual impact, emphasizing the timeless elegance and versatility of monochrome fashion.’ Impressive. What’s more, it can also be employed as a virtual assistant to engage with the guests and the media, answer their questions about the collection, provide information about specific designs or offer a profile of the fashion designer. After all, ChatGPT is good at responding to prompts and answering questions with text replies. But will AI be able to replicate the personal touch, understanding and expert knowledge that a human writer can bring to a project? Hmm.

Image Source: Official Instagram account of Marc Jacobs

Coming back to the showing, despite the hurried blink-and-it’s-over presentation, the garments held their own. Per Vogue: ‘The black-and-white palette and the body-conscious attitude of the little nipped waist dresses made it seem more essential, more New York… He’s always preferred to shock, more than aim to please, and that appears to be what he was up to here with this short, sharp show.’