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Are you the sort of person who can’t keep away from the fashion pages? Or the type that spends time crossing down the days to the next fashion week? Maybe you love transporting yourself back to history’s most iconic fashion shows or pore over fashions gone by?

If you have a fascination for fashion, there’s no reason why your passion shouldn’t find its way into your downtime too. In this guide, we’ve brought together five of the best fashion-focused TV shows available right now.


Bridgerton, the Netflix series set in Regency-era England, is a feast for fashion lovers. Opulent costumes. An exquisite attention to detail. Vibrant colour palettes. Everything about the show is perfect for viewers with eyes on luxury and elegance.

Every character in the series sports exciting regency costumery. And with the series’ modern twist, there are many sources of inspiration on offer too.

Next in Fashion

Another Netflix fashion series, Next in Fashion, takes the sartorial competition game to the next level. Throughout the show, the most talented designers battle to produce the freshest, most exciting looks. Viewers are treated to an in-depth look at the process, from sketch to runway. And the format of the show provides lots of education and inspiration for would-be Pradas and Lagerfelds.


The Spanish TV series Velvet is likely one that’s flown under your radar but is a must-watch for fashionistas. The series, set in Spain in the late 50s, is a love letter to mid-century fashion. Gaze upon beautiful cocktail dresses, structured tailoring, and gorgeous vintage fashions. Whatever brings you to the series, the showrunners’ meticulous attention to detail is a sight to behold!

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Roy Halston Frowick was one of the top designers in the 1970s and 80s. Caftans, Ultrasuede, and glamorous minimalism were all his hallmarks. So, if you love the fashion of discotheques, be sure to check out Netflix’s special starring Ewan McGregor. Charting the development of Halton’s style of fashion throughout the period, it’s definitely a must-see.

The Crown

Netflix’s The Crown centres on the travails of the British Royal Family throughout the 20th century. And as such, it features meticulous recreations of the fashions sported by the royals throughout the decades. If you enjoy historical fashion or want to see more of the fashions only typically seen in black and white photographs, watch The Crown!

Which fashion-focused TV shows do you think are too good to miss? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.