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Fashion education can give you the knowledge and skills to start your own business. It’s an innovative and fast-changing world, so it can be challenging. To start a business, you will need passion, but you also need technical skills and develop business skills. A successful fashion designer often has solid skills in management, marketing, and sales.

How Fashion Education Can Help Students Develop the Skills to Start Fashion Business


What does a fashion designer do?

If you want to know how to become a successful fashion designer, you have to learn how to design and create clothing and accessories. A designer will usually specialize in an area such as ready-to-wear, high fashion, sportswear or evening wear. 

You have to learn how to make sketches, pick fabrics, and create prototypes. Many designers have a bachelor’s degree of some kind which gives them the knowledge and background to succeed. 


What skills do you need?

Some of the technical skills you will need to include knowing how to use design software and construct clothing. An ability to combine textiles and color also helps. 

One of the soft skills you will need is the ability to communicate and collaborate. You will need to understand your customers so you can create designs they will love. You will also need to figure out where there’s a gap in the market that you can fill. 

If you want to start a business, you need to create a business plan. This is particularly important if you need to get investors to help you start your business. You also need to consider factors such as costs of manufacturing etc. Unless you plan to source materials and cut and sew items yourself, you will need a manufacturing partner. 

Many successful entrepreneurs in fashion work their way up and start building their skill set before they start their education. After school, they may work as assistants to established designers or as fashion buyers so they can pick up the skills they need. 


Complete a fashion design degree program

In a fashion program, you will learn theory and do projects that strengthen your skills and form part of your portfolio. Learning business skills will incorporate subjects like marketing and merchandising. Drawing on these skills will help you to evaluate customer demand, launch your line, and earn a profit. 

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How Fashion Education Can Help Students Develop the Skills to Start Fashion Business


Gain hands-on experience

If you want to become a fashion designer entrepreneur having a degree isn’t enough to guarantee your success. This is why many colleges connect students with companies that hire interns. Internships can provide you with the practical experience you need to start your own business. Part-time and contract work opportunities can also help to build your experience. 


Form useful connections

Networking helps you to uncover opportunities and get clients. Networking events while still in school can help you to start forming a professional network. You will need to work with designers, suppliers, buyers etc., in your own business. If you work for a major brand before starting your business, you can form useful connections that will help you to achieve success. 


Develop your brand

Success in the fashion world requires having a strong brand. This includes thinking carefully about your business name, logo, and slogan. Customers like a brand with a compelling story, so it will help if you have one.


Stay up to date in the fashion industry

A career in the fashion industry can be demanding because you will need to stay on top of trends. Fashion shows and magazines showcase trends and industry news. You can also join a professional association to keep up to date. Following other designers on social media and watching red-carpet events are other ways to stay current. Staying current allows you to incorporate new styles into your collections. 



The fashion industry is competitive and fast-paced. Great designers aren’t just creative visionaries but are also often driven entrepreneurs. You can start out with a fashion education, but gaining hands-on practical experience and building up a professional network are keys to success. Opening a fashion business can be challenging, but it’s also likely to be rewarding. 


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