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Are you shopping for the best weed clothing brands to complement your fashion sense? 

High Fashion 5 Stoner-Friendly Apparel Brands to Check Out


Marijuana makes you feel good and could help you look great. Stoner fashion steals the show with dyed tees, floral hoodies, and leaf-painted socks. It’s a sensational way to show your love for pot and support legalization. Choose from unique apparel that helps you stand out from the pack while enjoying buds grown from

Read on to discover our choice of the top five marijuana apparel brands. 


Cannabis and the Fashion Industry

The marijuana industry is rapidly evolving as more people appreciate the herb’s benefits. While some are busy learning how to cook with cannabis, others strive to explore alternative products like fashion. 

This booming sector has many possibilities for innovation, and weed products are penetrating the marketplace by storm. Who would have imagined placing cannabis and fashion in the same context?

Thanks to creative minds, the two have found a connection, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Endless cannabis apparel brands have popped up with different inspirations targeting stoners and the 420 community. 

Marijuana isn’t always about getting high. Check out these five cannabis-friendly apparel brands to forge a deeper intimacy with pot. 


1. Grassroots California

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Grassroots California is among the popular cannabis clothing brands with a passionate eco-conscious drive. Beyond impressing stoners with vibey designs, the apparel company also makes customized hats from hemp. 

It partners with celebs like Jerry Garcia and Method Man on personalized merchandise to grow awareness. Each hat features the brand’s unique hologram signatures and designs, so check your cap’s interior. 

Grassroots California focuses on versatile lifestyles by emphasizing unique looks through creative collaborations and limited editions. You might be lucky to land an outfit matching your favorite pothead celebrity in the store. 

Your options are plentiful, from leaf print t-shirts, pullover hoodies, graphic booty shorts, and bell bottoms to weed-patched jean jackets. 

Marijuana-themed accessories are also available, including enamel pins, mood mats, colorful stickers, and koozies. 


2. StonerDays

StonerDays is one of the trendiest weed clothing brands in the United States, located in Upland, California. It stocks diverse varieties, including men’s and women’s wear, hemp tees, flags, hats, and accessories like customized dab mats. 

The store features unique collections to make your picks hassle-free. Start from “New Releases,” then “Free Your Mind” with staff favorites and top sellers. 

If nothing enticing comes up, proceed to the popping MLS MAMBA collection for Bakers hoodies, crop tops, and tees. Check out the Pretty Baked green socks showcasing artful bud leaves to complement your footwear with some weedy charm. 

If you’re after something a little more specific, explore the 420 Collection for all things cannabis, from graffiti to semantic imprints. 


3. Seven Leaf

Seven Leaf is an e-commerce store specializing in some of America’s most evocative stoner clothes brands. If you want to add some hype to your marijuana lifestyle, these 420-inspired designs are your friend.

The company partners with leading cannabis dispensaries, cultural stores, online retailers, and weed accessory shops to feature and sell its stoner apparel. It also has a wholesale section if you want bulk purchases for your business, teammates, or family.

Men can buy t-shirts with different weed strain themes artistically intertwined with animal faces, guns, skeletons, and other 420 symbols. Women’s tees and tanks are also available bearing suggestive graphics and quotes like “Kush Queen” or “Radiate Positive Vibes.”

They also stock strain stickers celebrating popular cultivars like Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, and White Widow. 


4. Rasta Empire

As you consider ways to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine, add a pinch of Rasta Empire’s finest clothes. It’s one of the top weed apparel brands stocking its 420-friendly designs online with well-defined selections.

The most popular collections to launch your shopping spree include Rasta Empire Originals, Summer Collections, Strain Tees, and Rasta Wears. Within these categories, t-shirts and tank tops take after the Rastafarian culture in a casual, laidback design. 

Striking Iron Lion Zion bucket hats, reggae-inspired sarongs, and tube jumpsuits boasting neat color combinations add variety. Every piece screams, “Weed!” from face masks, bikinis, and shoulder bags to beach towels


5. Wildflower Dyes

Wildflower Dyes is a hip Canadian stoner clothing brand that ships worldwide. It stocks many cannabis-themed, hand-dyed outfits for men and women. 

Are you looking for a weedy, leafy t-shirt for a casual beach stroll? Perhaps a Northern Lights hoodie for the love of the strain? This store boasts stunning custom-made selections for diverse fashion preferences and in various sizes.

Its versatile collection entails sweatshirts, dresses, tracksuits, leggings, sleepwear, bedding, kids’ specials, and artistic accessories for a complete 420 lifestyle. 


Express Yourself Like Weed

If you don’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else, consider narrowing down your options. Shop from the best stoner-friendly apparel brands for high-quality materials, comfy outfits, and a stylish look. 

No matter your choice, feel free to express yourself with cannabis-inspired clothing. It’s a simple, passionate way to meet people and share your love for the herb with everyone around you.