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5 brands that inspire to write a paper about

Each brand has a story. The story may involve the owner or incidences that led to their rise to global fame. Get a pro helper to write my paper for me as you focus on learning about other brands and building your own. Here are 5 brands that inspire to write a paper about .

5 brands that inspire to write a paper about

5 brands that inspire to write a paper about

While success stories are inspiring, failure also comes with incredible lessons. Time and management practices also leave a trail that will compel you to craft the most compelling paper about a brand. Here are brands whose rise or fall will inspire you to write a paper.

  1. KFC

The full name is Kentucky Fried Chicken. The story goes that the founder started selling chicken at the roadside in Kentucky. Today, KFC is one of the biggest restaurant franchises in the world. The energy to grow the brand did not start in his youth. It is one of the most inspiring aspects of this entrepreneurship story.

Sanders was rejected 1009 times before anyone thought that his secret chicken recipe was worth anything. He had started other companies that were crushed due to economic and political interference. He lived to be 90 years and see a company he started spread his wings to all edges of the world.

His face remains on the KFCs logo to date. It is trading in more than 118 countries around the world. The secret recipe remains elusive, causing millions to flock to these restaurants in search of this great taste.

  1. Facebook

Facebook has more than 2.89 billion active monthly users today. The founder is just 37 years and worth 116 billion dollars. However, it is the story of its foundation that comes with incredible lessons.

Facebook started in college. It was not designed as a social media platform. Rather, it offered a chance to college students to rate their peers and possibly hook up a date. College students playing around with their gadgets and a few skills ended up creating one of the biggest and most recognizable brands.

Facebook spread from a friends’ network into a campus platform. Eventually, it was adopted by university students in America. Before long, it launched as a global social media platform. Today, the brand is more than a social media platform. It is used for business and communication, among other functions. The anticipated Facebook rebranding will usher in a new phase for a company that started in the dormitory. Check killer paper reviews and allow professional writers to take over your assignments. You could be the next biggest global brand if you have time to work on your ideas.

  1. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola might be one of the most recognizable brands around the world but it has not always been so. Founded in 1892, it has withered the storms of global proportions, including political interference and negative publicity. Today, it features in almost all public places, homes, and offices.

When it was entering the market, other players were already offering soft drinks. There is a claim that the company only sold 25 bottles of soda in its first year. Today, the company sells 1.9 billion bottles of coke each year.

  1. Microsoft

The company started in the dormitory, like other tech peers. Bill Gates was dreaming of the biggest software company but his classmates did not see the vision. Others bailed out at the first taste of money thinking that it will not survive. Today, Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world.

  1. Apple

It is the story of an inspiring founder. Steve Jobs was even kicked out of his company. He later returned to turn around Apple into one of the most recognizable global brands.

These inspiring stories have numerous learning points that can anchor your research paper. Whether you are looking at the founders, their resilience, or their ability to survive through the decades, these stories provide a perfect subject for a compelling research paper.