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Casinos have been around for centuries, and they continue to be as popular as ever. Whether you play online or in person, knowing which casino gets the best reviews is imperative. Thankfully, BonusFinder has an extensive review of Wow Vegas casino so you know exactly what to expect.

Before you get online, you might want to try out a land based casino. You get to play all the top games in person and feel the atmosphere and excitement.

Wondering what to wear to such an event? We’ve got all the info you need on casino dress codes and how they’ve evolved over the years.

What is the dress code for casinos?

The dress code for casinos nowadays is a lot more relaxed than it used to be. However, this does depend on the casino you’re visiting. There are some world famous casinos that still require a strict dress code of evening wear and tuxes. Casinos like the Monte Carlo casino won’t let you in otherwise.

But there are other casinos in places like Las Vegas or even your local casino that are a lot less strict when it comes to what to wear. Most places should say on their websites but if you’re still struggling, it’s best to wear something smart. This means no shorts, no sportswear (including footwear) and nothing with any offensive or rude wording on the front.

How has the casino dress code changed over time?

  • Certain casinos have relaxed their rules.

It used to be that all casinos had the same dress code. So much so that they didn’t need to declare what their dress code was – it was just a given at the time. It would have been the same as any kind of dress that you would wear out to an evening event.

You’d have to wear a suit if you were a man, and an evening dress if you were a lady. However, women weren’t always welcomed into casinos either as it was seen as being a man’s place. But as women were slowly let into casinos, their dress code was implemented as well.

Attitudes continued to change as time went along and the fashions did with it. There used to be very few casinos and they would often be in grand buildings in big towns and cities. However, more and more small, and more casual casinos kept popping up.

With these small casinos, came changes in the dress code. There was no longer a need to dress up when people were playing in a less exuberant setting. Certain more casual casinos changed their dress codes to match.

Over time, even the bigger casinos tempered down their dress code requirements as well in order to let in a wider range of clientele. This produced a more inclusive and relaxed feel to casinos as a whole.

  • The way we dress has changed over time.

It was only in the 1960s that corsets completely fell out of favour and became more a fashion choice rather than a necessity. The way we dress changes so dramatically over a very short period of time.

Styles and fashions come and go every season – although some are here for longer than others. The way society views certain ways of dressing is also something that goes through changes. This usually takes a bit longer as different generations become more liberal.

But as we see different styles and fashions come and go each year, it’s no wonder that the way we expect people to dress in certain situations changes too.

  • Less need to adhere to rules in terms of dress.

There used to be a lot of places that would require a dress code of some sort. There used to be certain attire you would wear out to dinner that you would never wear to lunch. You’d also never be seen in the same clothes that you wear around the house as you would to run errands.

Thankfully, there are a lot less rules to contend with nowadays. We are generally a lot more relaxed when it comes to what you can or can’t wear when. There’s no need to even dress up for the theatre anymore if you don’t want to.

The only place we really need to follow a dress code is in places of worship and at some jobs. However, even companies are becoming more relaxed when it comes to what people should or shouldn’t wear.

So, it should come as no surprise that casinos are another on the list of places to minimise their rules when it comes to dress code.

Now you know all about casinos and their dress codes, you can share all the information with your friends and get ready for a fun night out full of gaming.