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As the world is slowly moving towards a dangerous era of excessive heat and global warming, people are becoming more eager for a sustainable environment. That’s why even the fashion industry is pivoting to using sustainable materials and fabrics.

Compared to some of the most unsustainable fabrics like polyester, acrylic, and nylon, there are many good eco-friendly options available right now. Take organic cotton, hemp, and linen for example.

With these materials and fabrics, you can make whatever sewing projects you want without harming our precious environment. So, let’s check out some of the most innovative sustainable fabrics that you can use easily!

Sustainable Fabric Choices for Eco-Friendly Sewing Projects


6 Most Innovative Sustainable Fabrics

If you want the most sustainable fabrics list then look no further! Before you get into any eco-friendly sewing projects, you obviously have to know about which green fabrics to use right? So, here are the most sustainable fabrics you can start your sewing projects with-

1. Recycled Fabrics

It might seem odd to list it in the very first but if you can recycle your old fabrics, then that’s the most appropriate way to keep the environment safe.

2. Organic Cotton

Obviously enough that cotton will get more priority than any other eco-friendly fabrics available right now. This pesticide-free cotton can be the way to a greener future.

3. Organic Hemp

There is no other plant that can be as useful as hemp because not only it can be a great source of nutrition but also an eco-friendly fabric! Currently, it’s widely famous in both fashion and cosmetic industries.

So, you can make the right styling and fashion choices and also keep the eco-friendly initiative in mind.

4. Organic Linen

If you like hemp then there’s absolutely no chance that you don’t like linen. It’s very similar to hemp in that it’s very lightweight and breathable. 

For your sustainable sewing projects, you can surely rely on organic linen without a doubt.

5. Lyocell

While not all lyocell fabrics are sustainable, this one made its way into this list because of certain reasons. If the lyocell fabrics are derived from sustainably-managed forests then it can be a great alternative to any of the green fabrics in this list.

6. Econyl

This one is also recycled nylon but if you are careful enough then this fabric can be a great addition to the eco-friendly initiative. 


10 Most Exciting Eco-Friendly Sewing Projects

There can be a number of great sewing projects that you can start immediately like making kitchen mitts and pillow covers. Let’s check out these awesome sustainable sewing projects that you will surely gonna love-

Reusable Kitchen Mitts

Who does not use kitchen mitts right? Well, why don’t you use the old fabrics to make yourself a pair of cozy kitchen mitts for a starter? It’s obviously a traditional sewing project that has been passed down from one generation to another.

So, let the kitchen mitts be the very first step to making our environment greener than it needs to be!

Cloth Napkins

Have old clothes lying around that you don’t really use at all? How about turning them into cloth napkins that will blend right into your kitchen tabletop? You can use it easily with any household chores and more if the situation arises.

Makeup Remover Pads

For all the fashionistas out there, does it get tiring to spend money on makeup remover pads? Well, we know it does more than we want to admit. Then, why don’t you make your own customized makeup remover pads out of your unused clothes? They will save your hard-earned money and keep the wastage to a minimum.

Gift Wraps

Who does not like receiving customized gifts on special occasions? And the gifts become more meaningful when the gift wraps are made by hand! While it might seem odd at first to make gift wraps but it’s actually catching on to people. So, why don’t you try making your own gift wraps as well?

Bowl Covers

Similar to making cloth napkins, you can also make fabric-based bowl covers. We know it sounds so odd at first but the end result will definitely make you happy. These are certainly better than the plastic alternatives most households use.

Hence, these innovative covers can surely become a great step towards a more eco-friendly environment.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Going to groceries is a weekly event that you can’t really avoid. However, if you have something that brings a little bit of joy to your mediocre chores, then it’s well worth it. That’s exactly what reusable grocery bags will provide you!

Wherever you go shopping with your handmade sustainable bag, your heart will fill with accomplishment and peace. So, you should definitely try making a shopping or grocery bag for yourself.

Quilt Block Tote

If you know the essential tips and techniques for sewing machine enthusiasts, then making a quilt block tote will be as easy as it gets for you! 

These bags are handy, comfortable, and stylish – definitely, an all-in-one package for you to carry.

Sustainable Fabric Choices for Eco-Friendly Sewing Projects


Sweeper Pads

Do you use a sweeper or dust mop often? If you do, then we can totally understand if it’s hard for you to clean the debris and dust clearly all the time. However, turning your old clothes and sustainable recycled polyester fabric can be a great help!

It can both sweep the floors squeaky clean and project the dust mop bristles.


Bottom Line

So, if you care about the environment just like us then be sure to use these sustainable fabrics. Also, try to buy anything that commits to the green eco-friendly mission so that you can support making this beautiful mother earth shine again!