Last update on: 6:56 am July 3, 2024 by fashionabc

Visualise a personal assistant who can see and understand what you are looking at… it’s not a fantasy. Solos, created under Kopin Corporation and dedicated to inventing the world’s most advanced smart-glasses technology, is launching the Solos AirGo Vision smart glasses integrated with OpenAI’s GPT-4o, generative AI and camera capabilities. What makes AirGo Vision a game changer? Users can access GPT-4o to obtain information about the environment. For example, the pair of glasses will provide real-time information based on visual input, walking directions, the price of a certain product and where it can be purchased, making it a useful fashion-tech accessory. It’s as simple as clicking a hands-free photograph and asking for information.

Solos AirGo Vision smart glasses. Image Source: Solos

Equipped with patented, innovative technology and the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4o large language model, the pair of smart glasses can recognise objects and provide information about what the user sees. For the end user, this means that once an image has been captured by the on-device camera on the right side of the frame, it will analyse the image of a location, object, surroundings or anything else and provide the required information. The glasses will also be having notification LEDs from which the users will be able to get to know about the incoming calls or emails.

Interestingly, the Solos AirGo Vision smart glasses will be equipped with a swappable frame system, allowing users to switch out camera for different frames or sun shades.  Moreover, it is the first smart glasses to integrate OpenAI’s GPT-4o AI model, which is a more advanced version of the popular GPT-3 model. This means that the glasses will be able to understand and respond to the users’ queries and even integrate with other AI models. The Solos AirGo Vision glasses are set to release later this year, while a specific date is yet to be announced.