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Do you remember when you were a small girl and created jewellery for you and your best friend out of flowers and other plants you had found? Or as a small boy, do you remember the joy of playing the same cars or soldiers together? These symbolic bonds between you and your best friends can be appreciated now with matching bracelets for friends. Don’t hesitate to celebrate your relationships you have with your best friends, and show your friendship to the other people too.

Matching Bracelets for Friends Perfect Keepsakes of Friendship


Create composable bracelets with matching charms

Buying jewellery as a present is a great idea for many reasons. First of all, it’s something that will remind the person of the special occasion, and let the person enjoy it for much longer than when you buy a plant or a voucher.

You should definitely appreciate the option of creating a composable bracelet, for you and your best friend. It’s a unique and quite surprising present, giving you a chance of buying more charms for your next celebrations.

matching bracelet will emphasise how important your relationship is, for example with a pair of two links. It may have a form of two heart halves, one for each of you. Maybe you prefer a double link with the Best Friend inscription? The choice of proper links depends entirely on you, after all you know your friend the best.

Don’t exaggerate with the focus on being the best friends, as one or two charms on the bracelet are enough. Compose the bracelet using the links showing your best friend’s zodiac sign, or personal hobbies and preferences. The choice of charms may not be completely objective, as you want to prepare a matching bracelet for yourself too. If your interests are different, opt for more universal symbols, or choose a pair of links, and complete the bracelets with the charms suitable for each of you.


Friendship bracelets

If you want a different form of a bracelet, not the one consisting of links, you can also choose from a wide selection of bracelets with crystals. Choose the preferred colours, the same for you and your friend, or maybe completely different, depending on your preference.

You will definitely like delicate and elegant bracelets made of gold, or silver with pendants. The wide range of bracelets let you choose similar bracelets with different pendants.

What do you think about bracelets with gemstones, both natural and synthetic? Read how to choose the gemstones according to your zodiac style, and choose the one that will add you power and energy. If your birthdays are in different months, your bracelets need to be different.


A girls power club? Why not!

When we read about a best friend, we automatically think about one person. But what if you don’t have only one best friend, but a group of closest friends? Celebrate your friendship with identical best friends bracelets for each of you! Choose a bracelet with a Girl Power inscription. You can also create your own personalised bracelets during a nice meeting together. Each of you can choose one charm, to compose your dream bracelet celebrating the bond between you all.