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Games have become a cultural force that has taken ‘the world by storm!!’ Today, you will find that most individuals, especially Gen-Zs, prefer games as their primary source of entertainment. So, it’s no surprise that the “gaming industry” has caught the attention of many fashion brands!!

But how have these games influenced the fashion world? Read on to learn more;

How Games Have Influenced Fashion

The use of games for identity expression and exploration

Identity expression is one of the primary reasons for games’ influence on fashion!! You will find that most individuals today leverage ‘style and clothing’ trends to express their “unique aesthetics and personalities.” So, in many ways, people are using games to explore and express their identities.

They use ‘vibrant virtual worlds and imaginative character designs’ depicted in games to influence their fashion choices!! For instance, the rise of ‘online casino games’ has ensured that some individuals design clothes to express their attitudes toward casino games. One popular trend of online casino games for real money in fashion is the unique cloth design with card images. These card images serve as a symbol of involvement with the casino games!!

The Fashion brands’ collaborations with gaming companies

The incredible rise of gaming players has facilitated the fusion between “fashion and gaming!!” Furthermore, most of the popular fashion brands in the fashion industry have collaborations in the gaming world. These ‘collaborations’ have brought forth the use of gaming-inspired accessories and clothing into the mainstream.

In addition, these collaborations ensure the creation of clothes that appeal to fashion enthusiasts and gamers. Thus, some of the renowned popular fashion brands with gaming collaborations include the following;

  •  • Nike with PlayStation
  •  • Louis Vuitton with Final Fantasy
  •  • Louis Vuitton with League of Legends
  •  • Balenciaga with Fortnite
  •  • MISBHV with Grand Theft Auto V
  •  • Gucci with Roblox

The use of a professional gaming team’s unique identity

Esports are incredibly popular today!! This popularity has ensured the use of gaming fashion on the global stage. Today, you will find that several professional gaming teams have their own unique;

  • • Accessories
  • • Jackets
  • • Jerseys
  • • Pants

These fashion items allow fans to showcase their support for their favorite teams proudly!! Furthermore, they turn Esports tournaments into fashion runaways, where they showcase different “eye-catching brands.”

The influence of games on streetwear

Games perfectly complement the edgy and bold styles of streetwear!! Today, you will find that “iconic gaming characters, logos, and imagery” make their way onto;

  • • Accessories
  • • Sneakers
  • • Hoodies
  • • T-shirts

Furthermore, most of these fashion trends boast inspiration from popular games like “Fortnite, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario.” This fusion between ‘streetwear and the gaming world’ creates a unique cultural crossover. It shapes the way individuals express themselves and dress!!

The use of gamers to influence fashion trends

One thing that cannot be overlooked is the use of gamers to influence fashion trends!! Many gamers are influential figures in the gaming community. Their personal style has a significant impact on the fashion world!! Here are examples of these gamers who have influenced fashion trends in the world;

  • • Tyler Blevins “Ninja”: This popular video gamer collaborated with Adidas. They released a limited edition of “Night Joggers,” which sold out fast.
  • • Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg: This player, a ‘Danish League of Legends player,’ has featured in the H&M fashion brand campaign, where he showcased his personal style.