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IPL hair removal devices made getting rid of unwanted hair much easier, cheaper, and less painful than a few decades ago. These devices offer a practical, affordable, long-lasting, and relatively painless solution for hair removal. Here, I will compare 2 IPL devices, 5minskin and Ulike Air3, which have similar prices, provide quick and effective results, look nice, and are easy to use. Despite their similarities, there are differences in the user experience, so I’ll compare both home laser hair removal devices to determine which one is better.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

5MinSkin Vs Ulike IPL Hair Removal Devices

    • 5MinSkin IPL Hair Removal

The 5MinSkin was founded in 2022 and their latest hair removal device is the 5MinSkin Hair Removal handset. The 5MinSkin Hair Removal handset is a laser device for removing hair that you can use at home. It works for both men and women to get rid of unwanted hair from your body.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results


  • • You can use this IPL device on various body areas like the upper lip, chin, underarms, legs, arms, and bikini area.
  • • Can get rid of your hair forever in only 12 sessions.
  • • Stops hairs from growing inward.
  • • This costs less than getting your hair removed by a professional laser treatment.
  • Ulike IPL Hair Removal

By starting its journey in 2013, the Ulike ensures you a safe and effective hair removal solution. The newest hair removal machine, Ulike Sapphire AIR3 is the update of Ulike AIR+. The Sapphire Air-3 IPL Hair Removal Handset is an amazing solution for removing hair. It’s safe because it uses ice cooling to protect your skin from getting too hot.

The Ulike Air3 uses precise light to target hair, and it’s quick, taking less than 7 minutes for each session. It’s suitable for people 18 and older and has three energy modes for different needs.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results


  • • Its special ice-cooling sapphire tech gets rid of pain and works well for any skin type, even the very sensitive ones.
  • • You’ll start seeing clear changes in only 3 weeks because of its strong energy.
  • • You can get your money back within 90 days if you don’t like the product.
  • • Your body treatment gets done quickly because it emits flashes every 0.7 seconds when it glides.
  • • High-quality wrapping and no-cost shipping to certain places and countries.
  • • It’s FDA-cleared, so it’s a safe and comfortable way to remove hair at home, better than other options.

Comparison: 5MinSkin vs Ulike

Parameter 5MinSkin Ulike
Results Within 3 months 3 weeks
Treatment Time 10 Minutes 7 Minutes
Painless Technology None Ice-cooling technology
Comfort Modes None 3
Lifespan Unknown Unlimited
Inside the Box IPL device, safety glasses, razor, charger, and cord. IPL device, black UV protective glasses, mini safety razor, leather storage box, charger, and long cord.
Original Price $379 $329
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 90 days
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Weight 580 grams 271 grams

Different Key Points for Both 5MinSkin Vs Ulike IPL Hair Removal

Here are the different key points for both 5MinSkin vs Ulike IPL Hair Removal devices –

   • Design and Dimensions

The 5MinSkin at-home laser device is an oval-shaped device with straight ends. It’s easy to use with a simple display on the front. It comes in pink, black, or white colors with gold accents and weighs 580 grams.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

The Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal handset is a slim rectangular device with a stylish design. It’s also user-friendly with a small button and slim light indicators. It’s light, weighing only 271 grams due to its smart design. You can choose between crystal purple or full white.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

   • Cost and Inside the Package

The 5minskin at-home laser device and the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL handset both cost $300. However, Ulike offers free shipping, and they include more accessories with their device.

The 5MinSkin IPL package includes the hair removal device, charger, wire, safety razor, and goggles, but it doesn’t come with a storage case. On the other hand, the Ulike Sapphire Air3 package includes the Air3 IPL handset, adapter, a long cord, a small hair-shaving razor, black goggles, and a storage case.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

So, with Ulike, you get everything you need for permanent hair removal and device protection at the same price as 5minskin, while with 5MinSkin, you need to buy a storage pouch separately.

   • Skin Tone and Hair Color Compatibility

IPL hair removal is a good way to get rid of hair permanently, but it doesn’t work for everyone. If you have dark skin, the IPL light can hurt your skin because it’s attracted to the melanin in your skin. Also, if your hair is blonde, red, gray, or white and doesn’t have melanin, IPL won’t work for you. There are some situations like pregnancy and skin diseases where you shouldn’t use IPL hair removal devices. Ulike Air3 and 5MinSkin are similar in terms of who they work for and who they don’t, and also in the situations where they shouldn’t be used.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

   • Treatment Modes

Treatment modes refer to how a hair removal device can be used. It’s like the different ways you can use it. There’s a mode for doing precise hair removal in tricky areas, like under your arms or around your bikini line, and another mode for treating larger areas like your chest, thighs, and back.

Unfortunately, the 5MinSkin device only has the mode for precise hair removal, and you have to keep pressing a button to make it work continuously. On the other hand, the Ulike Air3 IPL device has both a precise mode and a mode where you don’t have to keep pressing the button; it moves smoothly on your skin by itself. This makes it better for removing hair.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

So, if you want a hair removal device with different options for how you use it, the Ulike Air3 is the one to go for.

   • Comfort Modes

Comfort modes are like the different strengths of light that the device uses on your body. It’s gentle on sensitive areas, like your face, and stronger on places with tougher skin, like your legs.

The 5MinSkin device has 1 mode for all body parts, but it can be adjusted to different strengths for different types of hair.

The Ulike Air3 has 3 comfort modes and three strength levels. This means it can give just the right amount of light for removing hair from the roots. It has a gentle mode for sensitive skin, a regular mode for everyday use, and a strong mode for tough hair.

So, the Ulike Air3 is better than the 5MinSkin device because it has customized settings for maximum comfort.

   • Treatment Time and Results

Do IPL devices need to be faster to be the best for hair removal? Yes. 5minskin and Ulike Air3 are two of the fastest IPL devices.

5MinSkin takes about 10 minutes to treat your whole body. The time might vary based on your hair density and the area you’re treating. Using its stamping mode can make it take longer. You need to use it once a week for 3 months to get rid of all the hair.

Ulike only takes 7 minutes for the whole body with its thumb-free auto-glide mode, and it’s pretty fast at 0.7 flashes per second. You should use it twice a week, and after 6 treatments in 3 weeks, most of your unwanted hair will be gone.

So, AIR3 is faster and gives quicker results compared to 5MinSkin.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

   • Patented Painless Technology

5MinSkin may not be entirely pain-free. When you use it for hair removal, you might feel a heated snapping sensation on your skin, which is different from the pain of waxing.

On the other hand, Ulike Air3 provides a truly painless experience due to its special sapphire ice-cooling technology. It keeps the device cool at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll feel a cooling sensation, not snapping or pain, during your hair removal session. Additionally, Ulike doesn’t heat up, making it the best choice for painless hair removal.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

   • Number of Flashes and Lifespan

An IPL device has a certain number of flashes it can emit before it stops working. Unlike Air3, which can emit unlimited flashes and last for a very long time, like 50-60 years, which is the average lifespan of a person.

However, it’s unclear how many flashes the 5MinSkin device has or how long it can last. The company doesn’t provide this information, so you can’t predict when it will stop working.

That’s why Ulike Air3 seems like a great investment because it can last a lifetime.

   • Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty

5MinSkin has a 1-month money-back guarantee with no questions asked. It also has a 2-year warranty.

Ulike wants customers to have more time to try the device. It offers a 3-month money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. You can buy this trustworthy device without worrying about losing your money.

   • FDA-Cleared and Safety

You need to be cautious with IPL devices because the strong light they emit can harm your skin. To make sure a device is safe, you can check if it has official approval from organizations like the FDA. Both 5MinSkin and Ulike Air3 have this approval, so you can use them safely at home.

Ulike Air3 is even more trusted because it’s been certified as safe by over 30 global health organizations. Dermatologists like Dr. David Lim also recommend it as a safe and comfortable device. So, it’s clear that Ulike Air3 is the safer choice between the two devices.

5MinSkin vs Ulike: IPL Hair Removal at Home Results

How I Used Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device

I found the Ulike Air3 quite simple to use while trying it to get rid of unwanted hair. Here’s how I used it for hair removal –

Step 1: First, connect the power cable and plug it into an outlet. Then, plug in the cable to the AIR3 device and press the power button to start it.

Step 2: You can choose how strong it should be using the same button. Start with the lowest setting, and the lights will show your choice.

Step 3: Before using it, shave, clean, and dry the area you want to treat. Use the provided razor, wash the area with warm water, and dry it with a towel.

Step 4: Wear the included goggles to keep your eyes safe when removing facial hair.

Step 5: Decide which method to use by pressing the buttons. “Spot Method” is for small areas, “Auto-Glide” is for larger areas, and “Gentle” and “Body Modes” have their uses. Choose the mode and begin the treatment.

Step 6: Wipe the device’s head with a clean cloth or towel to remove any dirt.

How I Used 5MinSkin IPL Hair Removal

Here is how I used the 5MinSkin Hair Removal device –

Step 1: Take off and wash the hair on the skin’s surface.

Step 2: Plug in the power cable and turn on the 5MinSkin hair removal machine.

Step 3: Change the level of comfort to what feels right for you.

Step 4: Put on the protective glasses to stay safe.

Step 5: Stand the device up against your skin and push the button to create a flash.

Step 6: Repeat step 5 until you are finished removing all the hair.

However, I stopped using this device after 3-4 sessions as I felt too much burning in several areas of my body.

Personal Preference

Before sharing my personal preference, I would like to share my week-by-week results using 5MinSkin and Ulike IPL Hair Removal Devices. I have used the Ulike in my left underarm and the 5MinSkin in the right underarm. Here are the results of both devices –

   • Week 1-3:

With 5MinSkin: In the first 3 weeks, I got some reduction in hair growth by using this device. However, I felt uncomfortable and had burning sensations in my right underarm.

With Ulike: During the 1st week, I followed the instructions and used it 3 times. In the 1st week, it took me 2 minutes to treat my left underarm. In the 2nd week, I used the device 3 times and it still took the same amount of time. In the 3rd week, I used the device 3 times as recommended, hoping it would finally work, and this time, I finished the session in less than 2 minutes.

   • Week 4-6:

With 5MinSkin: I stopped using this device as it was uncomfortable and my right underarm skin used to feel irritated during the hair removal sessions.

With Ulike: In the 4th week, I noticed my hair was growing less, so I decided to use the device twice a week instead of more. In the 5th week, I kept up the same routine as in the 4th week, and my hair follicles seemed to get smaller, which made me happy. By the 6th week, I had done 2 sessions, and after about 4 to 6 weeks of using the device, my hair roots started falling out. I was looking forward to sharing my review soon.

   • Week 7-8:

With Ulike: I used the device once a week to keep my armpits hair-free. By the 7th week, there were very few hairs left. In the 8th week, I got rid of all the hair permanently. Now, I only use the device sometimes to keep my armpits smooth.

I have got the expected results with Ulike. However, the 5MinSkin didn’t fulfill my expectations and also, it made me feel uncomfortable, unlike Ulike AIR3.

Now, If I compare both 5MinSkin and Ulike Hair Removal devices –

  • • The Ulike Air3 offers a more efficient, comfortable, and user-friendly experience.
  • • The Ulike Air3 demonstrated faster results, a painless hair removal experience, and more comprehensive treatment options.
  • • Ulike Air3 is the recommended choice for at-home IPL hair removal. Its ice-cooling technology, quicker treatment times, and versatile modes make it a standout product in the market.
  • • With a longer money-back guarantee and a lifetime of flashes, it’s a more secure investment.
  • • Additionally, the numerous certifications and dermatologist recommendations further highlight the safety and reliability of the Ulike Air3.

As my preference, I think Ulike Air3 is the better choice for those seeking effective and comfortable at-home IPL hair removal, making it the preferred option between the two devices.


In this article, I’ve talked about and compared 2 different devices for removing unwanted hair: the 5minskin at-home laser hair removal device and the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL handset. Comparing the 5MinSkin and Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL hair removal tools, Ulike Air3 is the better pick because it’s easy to use, works quickly, has many flashes, and offers comfort options. It’s the top choice for getting rid of hair for good. Think about using Ulike Air3 for great hair removal results.