Giuliana Benetton

Giuliana Benetton is an Italian billionaire businesswoman


Giuliana Benetton is one of the co-founders of Benetton Group, the Italian fashion brand.Forbes estimated the net worth of Giuliana Benetton and each of her three siblings at US$2.9 billion in 2015.


Giuliana Benetton was born on 8 July 1937 in Treviso, Veneto, Italy. Her father owned a bicycle shop. She has three siblings : Luciano, Gilberto and Carlo.

She is married with four children : Paola, Franca, Daniela and Carlo. She still lives in Treviso, Italy.


After the death of their father, her brother Luciano – then 14 – started working at a clothing store in Treviso, Italy. A bright yellow sweater knitted by Giuliana caught the attention of Luciano’s colleagues. Giuliana Benetton and her three brothers, Luciano, Gilberto and Carlo, founded the clothing retailer Benetton Group in 1965, producing pullover sweaters.From the start the tasks were diversified: Luciano acted as the marketing representative, while Giuliana designed the products and was in charge of production.

They expanded internationally but hit turbulence at the turn of the century. Giuliana Benetton is currently on the board of directors of both Edizione S.r.l. and Benetton Group. She has had the responsibility for planning Benetton’s knitwear collections and coordinating product lines.

The family now¬† has Edizione S.r.l., a financial holding company, with which they control a number of other businesses including 30% of Atlantia S.p.A., an operator of nearly two-thirds of Italy’s motorways, 60% of Autogrill, a chain of roadside restaurants, and investments in the hotel industry including the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.