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Wedding photography is an art that is created in an extremely dynamic and unpredictable environment. Examples of this include camera problems, bad weather conditions, poorly lit churches and halls, and changes to pre-arranged schedules. To meet these challenges, a good wedding photographer must have an innate flair, keep up-to-date with high-end equipment, and resize a picture his vast professional experience.

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How to choose a wedding photographer and what you need to discuss

To meet these challenges, a good wedding photographer must have an innate flair and keep up-to-date with high-end equipment. However, what will help the most in such a situation is his vast professional experience.

A wedding photographer with a lot of experience and practice can show you pictures from weddings in the places you have chosen for your wedding day. If you are still in doubt, this will help you in your choice. You will be able to get many more ideas and get recommendations of florists, makeup artists, dress designers, etc.

How to choose a wedding photographer based on the photography equipment available?

Even if the photographer has high-end equipment, several cameras and a whole backpack of lenses – the wedding photographer may not be the right one for you. He or she may not have the talent for reportage photography on your wedding day, or be able to show you in the best light during artistic photo shoots.

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Therefore, even if you talk to your chosen photographer on this topic, it is difficult to make a judgment only on the basis of this (as in a popular anecdote: “- Great photos, I guess your lenses are branded and expensive? – A very tasty dinner, you must have great pots”). Nevertheless, it is useful for a photographer to have multiple cameras and lenses at his disposal so that he can react if his technique lets him down.

It is important to check with your photographer about when you will receive your wedding photos. Most photographers make it a practice to provide their clients with at least 10 images a few days after the wedding, and the rest are usually handed over a few months after that.

Let’s talk about money

Talking about money is often intimidating. However, feel free to ask about anything that interests you. It’s important to clarify what your chosen service includes and what the exact price is. Consider whether you will choose a package with two photographers, a photographer with an assistant, or a single photographer.

You need to determine how long the photographer is hired for – from how many to how many hours; how much each hour of additional shooting (overtime) costs, transportation and lodging. Also comment on whether there are conditions under which the final price will change, or whether the agreed amount remains regardless of the circumstances.

It is not bad to clarify in advance whether the wedding photographer has a practice of surrendering “raw” RAW-files. And if yes – whether this service is paid additionally.

Professional wedding photographers usually set a base price, which increases depending on the selected additional services.

Consider how much budget you can allocate for photography and whether you can save on anything else in the preparation process.

Remind yourself that all the organizing efforts and small details will only be preserved in the photos after some time. Not to mention the palette of emotions during rituals and moments with loved ones. The photos should be professionally taken and reflect your mood so that you can look at them with pleasure after some time.