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fashionabc mission

We are building the default global directory for fashion businesses. From designers, brands, fashion houses to producers and factories, we include every brand and any independent fashion professional, that is either operating in the ethical arena or eager to make the change.

We are using Blockchain and AI tools (main drivers of the 4IR – Fourth Industrial Revolution) in our directory, with the aim to create the most comprehensive search engine for the fashion industry.

The uniqueness of our project is that we use blockchain and AI to endow brands and fashion professionals with a rating according to assessment metrics, based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These rate each brand in terms of its R&D, Livability, Economy, Cultural Interaction, Sustainability, Accessibility, Social Impact.

The creation of this database, the biggest of its kind, is invaluable for the end goal of creating an extensive and useful data driven directory of the global players and brands of the industry and supply chain of fashion, using the trustworthy technology of blockchain, where users can find the best and more ethical/sustainable fashion players operating in the field.

Fashionabc provides multiple distinct value propositions to businesses within the ecosystem

Access to a global think tank network of industry experts and ambassadors

A global network of experts and industry ambassadors that can advocate & humanize your brand

Brand ambassadors provide positive word-o-mouth

A Industry experts/brand ambassadors can research and protect your online reputation

Industry experts / Ambassadors help increase awareness of your brand and push your products outreach

A Sustainable industry experts and brand ambassadors help increase your digital social reach

A global Ambassadors help increase attention, PR and traffic to your website

Access to a global think tank network of industry experts and ambassadors