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Founded in 1966 in Vicenza, Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury fashion house with roots in Italian artisanal leather goods with a mission is to uphold this heritage while remaining relevant to the ever-changing consumer market. Headquartered in Milan, it is presently owned by the Kering Group. The luxury brand has evolved from a family company to an estimated 1.5 billion euro global company through changes in ownership, creativity and strong leadership, and currently going through a new phase with newly appointed creative director Matthieu Blazy and CEO Leo Rongone. Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s fastest moving consumer products as the best materials combined with the skill sets of designers and artisans yield pieces that are impossible to replicate by machine.

Intrecciato duffle

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Luxury fashion brand Bottega Veneta’s “Intrecciato” woven leather design was introduced in the Seventies. Using glove leather that was lightweight and pliable, the craftspeople wove strips together to create a criss-cross pattern for the light, supple bag. Today, Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato grained leather duffle bag with detachable and adjustable strap is the perfect weekend or overnight travel companion. Crafted with calfskin, it can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, and its luxury features include a single exterior side zipped pocket, one interior zipped pocket, double flat open pockets, Bonded suede lining, zip closure, canvas lining and silver finish. Made in Italy, it measures 34 cm | 62.5 cm | 26.5 cm. And, with all your essentials at hand, this is your companion for a hassle-free weekend break.


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Handcrafted with lambskin leather in the Bottega Veneta atelier, Jodie embodies the house codes with its knot detail and proposes a fresh take on the luxury fashion brand’s signature woven, soft leather intrecciato technique. Its supple and rounded hobo shape is designed to fit comfortably to the wearer’s body. The Mini Jodie is an ideal evening bag to carry lipstick, phone and keys. All variations of the Jodie have seemed to be celebrities’ most carried-bag in recent times. The Mini Intrecciato leather top handle bag features a single compartment, zipper closure, Calfskin lining, subtle gold-finish hardware, and measures 23 cm | 28 cm | 8 cm. Made in Italy, Bottega Veneta Jodie can be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder.


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The crossbody bag has been elevated from niche practicality to streetwear and, now, to luxury fashion with a bag to fit every individual’s style and requirements. Bottega Veneta’s signature grained Intreccio leather cross-body bag is a luxe favourite with its adjustable leather strap, single interior zipped pocket, magnetic closure and calfskin bonded Intreccio design aesthetic. Handcrafted with calfskin and available in black, khaki and travertine with silver finish, this versatile crossbody bag measures 16.5 cm | 22.5 cm | 5.5 cm and is the perfect men’s accessory for work or travel. Protect from direct light, heat and rain. Should it become wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth, and when not in us, fill the bag with tissue paper to help maintain its shape and absorb humidity, and store in the provided flannel bag.

Medium Solstice

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The luxury label’s medium- size Intrecciato leather and canvas shoulder bag ‘Solstice‘, with single detachable interior zipped pocket and leather string closure, is the perfect day bag. Handcrafted with lambskin leather, lined with Bonded Suede and accentuated with brass hardware, it is durable and makes the perfect style statement. The medium size is also practical for everyday use and measures 44 cm | 37.5 cm |2 cm. The team advises not to carry heavy products that may affect the shape of the bag and clean with a soft, dry cloth. If you wish to purchase it as a gift, you will be able to add a personalised message which will be printed on a card, inserted into an envelope, and included in your gift box.

Bombe cat eye

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This summer, eyewear is the latest accessory to add to your wardrobe. It’s an effortless way to pull together a look. The classic cat eye sunglasses have been popular for quite a few years owing to its unique shape and ability to make any outfit pop! A rage since Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this timeless style is a must-buy till date due to its versatility and ability to fit into any wardrobe or occasion. Bottega Veneta’s Bombe Cat Eye is a modern interpretation of this classic look, with rounded and smooth surfaces on front and temples with a sinuous feel and curvy metal ribbon screwed on the temples. Made in Italy with Bio nylon lenses, the brown-tinged glares makes the perfect style statement.