Leret Leret

Fine cashmere to treasure


Leret Leret is a luxury fashion brand that designs and creates high-quality cashmere sweaters. Founded by siblings Andrea and Edouard Leret, who wanted to create a timeless wardrobe staple, each sweater is designed in New York and handcrafted in Mongolia using the finest cashmere sourced from the region.

The fashion brand takes pride in obtaining the highest quality cashmere yarn from Mongolia. The region experiences extreme temperature changes throughout the year, leading to the growth of a soft undercoat on Hircus goats. These goats have a rare and superior fiber quality, which is carefully hand-combed by skilled herders during the spring. Leret Leret supports this traditional technique by ethically manufacturing each sweater in Mongolia, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and the use of the most precious cashmere.


Leret Leret is a luxury fashion label founded in 2019 by siblings Andrea and Edouard Leret. Born in Paris and raised in Venezuela the young siblings adored the cashmere garments in their parents’ closets but what really inspired them was the potential of knitting graphics into the cashmere. In no time Edouard and Andrea established connections with manufacturers in Mongolia and launched the fashion brand.

“Growing up, we always wore our parents’ cashmere” the siblings told V Magazine. “We loved it but most cashmere sweaters have a tight fit and are plain in color. We saw potential in creating a modern relax fit for all and when graphics came into the equation, LL was born. This is our homage to the classic cashmere crewneck.”

Perceiving Mongolia as the cashmere epicenter of the world the duo consciously made an effort to support the entire chainfrom nomadic herders to the finished product. The process is quite interesting. In order to survive the harsh weather, Hircus goats grow a soft undercoat of fins fibers hidden under a rough coat of hair. During the mild spring, herders use the combing technique to shear the undercoat by hand. Leret Leret supports this centuries old tradition by designing in New York but manufacturing in Mongolia right from the herder to the finished product.

The luxury label is popular for its limited-edition classic crew necks and the way the brothers have updated the traditional silhouette with a relaxed fit, fluid cut and a season-less layering potential. Drawing from their fashion backgrounds the siblings recognized the opportunity to update the traditional cashmere crewneck with art-driven graphics in collaboration with artists.

The sustainable fashion brand sources its high quality yarn in Mongolia. Throughout the year the region endures abrupt temperature changes and in order to survive, the Hircus goats, known for their rare high quality fiber, grow a soft duvet of fine soft fibers under a rougher coat of hair. During spring, generations of herders use the combing technique to gently shear the undercoat by hand. Leret Leret proudly supports this century old tradition by ethically manufacturing each piece locally in Mongolia, with the most precious cashmere and astute craftsmanship. Sustainability is the foundation of the fashion brand – no zippers, no buttons, just high quality cashmere. The siblings make a limited number of each design and the packaging is made with recycled cotton.

The siblings work remotely: Andrea in Mexico City and Edouard between Paris developing the fashion brand and New York City, where a consultant helped launch it in the Big Apple. Releasing limited-edition sweaters on a rotating basis, Leret Leret has transcended the wardrobe staple with the its inclusive fluid silhouette and current design.

“Our aim is to constantly work with different artists in all mediums and grow a community around the brand. Otherwise, we would just be making sweaters. As for collaborating on designs, we always want to work directly with an individual, and not a brand, because we want the design to be as personal to the artist as our designs are to us,” the siblings told Hypebae.

The luxury sustainable fashion label supports The LoveLand Foundation by donating twenty five per cent of sales to assist in providing financial assistance to Therapy Fund for black women and girls seeking mental health support. For Mental Health Awareness Month, the brand launched a collection of cashmere crew necks that has graphics such as blue hands hugging to the sides of the waist of the wearer alongside with a blue heart on the chest of the crew neck. The blue colour used through out the collection is in support of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mission Statement

To explore narratives around the endurance of the modest garment- the cashmere sweater- unaffected by the passage of time.


Fashion label Leret Leret’s vision is to redefine luxury fashion by offering modern relaxed-fit cashmere sweaters that celebrate art-driven design collaborations. By doing this they create timeless wardrobe staples that reflect the siblings’ homage to the classic cashmere crewneck.

With a commitment to sustainability, Leret Leret ethically sources the rarest highest quality cashmere yarn from Mongolia and support the local herders to preserve the century-old tradition of combing the soft undercoat of the animal by hand. By focusing on impeccable craftsmanship and eschewing unnecessary adornments, the brand’s foundation lies in sustainability, offering customers pure high-quality cashmere garments that transcend trends.

Key Team

Brothers Andrea and Edouard Leret are the force behind the eco-conscious luxury brand.

Products and Services

Leret Leret retails pure cashmere sweaters made using a sustainable and ethical production process and the highest quality cashmere sourced from Mongolia. The fashion brand supports The LoveLand Foundation by donating twenty five per cent of sales to its Therapy Fund for Black women and girls seeking mental health support.