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Maremma is an absolutely magnetic coastal region on the southern outskirts of Tuscany that is wholeheartedly beloved for its pristine shores, featuring sandy beaches, azure, crystalline waters, an impressive range of tourist facilities, utterly luxurious Tuscany villas, and some of the most breath-taking natural reserves ever laid eyes upon.

What is even more exciting is the fact that all Maremma beaches are entirely free (in their overwhelming majority) and great for families with children, especially the wind-protected Argentario Coast, which also pampers with warm and calm waters. Now, if you are wondering which of the adorable shores along the Maremma to visit – the ones not overly crowded by tourists – here are the local hot spots that will allow you to enjoy relaxing and peaceful moments by the sea with your loved one(s).

Which Maremma Beaches to Visit for Life-Time Tuscany Experiences 

Which Maremma Beaches to Visit for Life-Time Tuscany Experiences

L’Acqua Dolce – Spellbinding views and tranquillity

You’ll find L’Acqua sitting cosily in Porto Ercole and is a beach mostly visited by locals and couples seeking privacy and isolation. It is a gorgeous stretch of sand with very small waves (just enough to bring the refreshing sea breeze to the shore) and charming rock pools that give this place an even more alluring vibe. Please note that although accessing the beach is free, you’ll need to rent your deck chairs and umbrella (if you have not brought yours along, that is).

How to get here: Simply drive the road out of Porto Ercole leading to Hotel Pellicano towards Forte Stella. Then turn left as soon as you reach the hotel (there is a small footpath that you cannot miss) and the secluded beach will be some 100 metres away.

Feniglia Beach – Sheer beauty and untouched shores

The only section that hosts no less than 12 kilometres of unspoilt coastline is the one connecting Orbetello with Lazio and Capalbio. Not all of the shores along this line are free, and if you had to visit only one, we would vote for Feniglia.

Often referred to as the best beach in Tuscany, it is a kid-friendly beach with fine sand, limpid waters, and even a snack bar if you want to grab something to eat. Plus, you get to leave your car very close to the beach (you may drive almost all the way to the sand), which is hugely convenient if you carry beach stuff with you that needs unpacking and carrying (i.e., umbrella, sun chairs, kids’ toys, etc.). Just pay attention to the instructions of the life guards at Feniglia, who mark off the calmest and safest sections every single day, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the current in this particular coastal area.

How to get here: Follow the signs to Monte Argentario and then Porto Ercole. You won’t have any issues with finding it.

Cala Violina – A dreamy earthy heaven

Nestled between Punta Ala and Follinica, Cala Violina is a romantic shore that got its name from the colourless, granular, quartz grains that cover the entire beach (instead of fine sand) and create a violin-starring-like symphony as you walk on them. Enveloped by lush and dense Mediterranean vegetation, you can enjoy some peaceful time under the natural shade or dive into the crystal clear waters for a refreshing swim.

You may also opt for a fun picnic using the many wooden benches and tables in the adjacent pine forest! And, if you feel peckish, a small kiosk will provide you with delicious sandwiches and refreshments. As for the more adventurous ones, there is a path starting right behind the shore that ends several miles further down the coast. Although it’s quite a challenge, the views will definitely reward you.

How to get there: Get on the SP 158 road until you get closer to the shore. Then, turn off the main road and follow the dirt road for about one kilometre. From there (there are parking spaces to leave your car), the beach is around 1.5 kilometres away. Or you can take the bus from Follonica Station that stops some 2.5 kilometres from the coast.

Whether you decide to combine your visit to the adorable Tuscany coastline with a stop at some of the prettiest fishing villages, the small coves and bays, or another attraction, nothing can prepare you for the sense of fulfilment that will accompany your Tuscany ventures – seaside or not. Just ensure you have booked yourself a nice, cosy, and fully-equipped Tuscany villa to enjoy ultimate pampering, exquisite services and facilities, and the region’s most notable beauties and landmarks within an arm’s reach!