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What do you do with all your unworn clothes ?

It’s safe to say fast fashion is a big problem for the environment, with an estimated 25% of the global carbon budget by 2050 attributed to the textile industry. What do you do with all your unworn clothes ?

What do you do with all your unworn clothes ?

Interested in the environmental impact of disposable clothing, SaveOnEnergy recently discovered the top ten EU countries for recycling clothes. But what about in the UK? Are we as likely to head to the clothing bank or are we tempted to make a profit in the resale market? Research reveals the latter!


Speaking with 1,000 women about their wardrobes, SaveOnEnergy found:

•The average number of items in a woman’s wardrobe is 103 items

•However, women admitted to not wearing 58% of their clothes in the last six months

•24% had not been worn in the last year

•During lockdown we are only wearing 10% of our clothes

•The average cost of one item in a woman’s wardrobe is £32

•We are wasting about £2,966 in unworn clothes during lockdown

Save up to with £4,000 by reselling old togs – designer preferably!

Resale website thredUP claims if you shopped second-hand exclusively for one year, you could save a staggering £1,652. Add this to the £2,966 worth of saleable clothes you have in your wardrobe and you could end up with £4,618 in the bank – and help save the planet.

In fact, if everyone bought just one second-hand item instead of new, thredUP believe we’d save enough energy to light up the Eiffel Tower for 141 years!

Arguably, you can make more money in the resale of on-trend designer brands which more people want to buy.

SaveOnEnergy decided to find out which brands are most sought-after second hand, by looking at Google search volumes, to help consumers decide whether to part with their unworn wares.

Most Desirable Items In Britain Include:

Gucci ; 3,690

Louis Vuitton: 3,1oo

Chanel: 2,070

Balencgia: 810

Burberry: 630

Nike: 600

Levis: 450

Micheal Kors: 410

Dior: 250

7 tips for reselling clothes and accessories online

    1. Offer Discounts: Try to offer a discount or deal, 94% of female buyers often don’t pay clothes unless they are on sale.
    2. Take Great Photos: Make picture as clear and detailed as possible. Picture of you wearing the clothes would be essential as the buyers would get a feel of how it looks on the body.
    3. Get Social: To get ahead of the curve, ensure your social details are up to date and relevant. After all 40% of buyers say social media is the most vital part.
    4. What’s trending: In short “young” designer labels can make you the most money. So think of “Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Tory Burch e.g”.
    5. Honesty is the best policy: Unforeseen issues with your clothes aren’t good and will make you an unreliable seller and can risk your account loss. Be candid about wear and tear.
    6. Sell Activewear: Gym and Sportswear are one of the most fast growing categories in the fashion industry, due to growing demand for fashion attire. Don’t overlook any small detail!
    7. Upload items at the correct time: Most second-hand shoppers are night owls between 9 to 10pm according to research,therefore aim to publish your products then.