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An article of clothing that has stood the test of time has to be jeans. Since the denim worn by American workers in the 1920s and 1930s, to its rise to mainstream popularity in the 1950s, with celebrities like Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe sporting them in films and off-camera, jeans have had a place within fashion. 

In this article we elements of styling men’s jeans, including different types of jeans to look out for and accessories that can enhance a denim look. From stacked ripped jeans to the classic straight leg, read on to find out more. 

Understanding the elements of style: A comprehensive guide to styling jeans for men

Jean types

Straight leg

Straight leg jeans sound simple, but this type of jeans is a must-have for your wardrobe. This mid-rise classic fits exactly as it sounds — straight down the leg from the hip. What makes these jeans so great is they have almost endless styling possibilities and are easy to dress up or down depending on what you decide to pair them with.

A nice pair of trainers can make for an everyday look, while a smart jacket can take things up a notch. How you choose to wear them is up to you!

Boot cut

The lightly flared boot cut jean was first popularised during the 1960s when they were adapted for hippy style, although they’ve been around for over 150 years when Levi’s manufactured them to fit with cowboy boots. They’ve had periods of revival since then, when they became popularised in the early mid-nighties to early noughties.

They’re slowly making a return in both high waist and low-rise versions, which can be flattering for a variety of different body types. Like the straight leg, these jeans can be styled in different ways, worn ‘street style’ with a casual top or dressed up with a nice shirt. Or bring them back to their roots and pair them with cowboy boots for a classic western look!

Frayed hems

Frayed hem jeans have a casual, boho feel about them and are work particularly well in the summer months or while on holiday. They can also elevate your style by adding a bit of interesting detail to a look. If boho isn’t a regular part of your wardrobe, keep the rest of the outfit simple. Or go all out and embrace your inner hippy by stacking jewellery, a loose top and some Birkenstocks to match!


Speaking of stacked, have you tried stacked jeans? Popularised by celebrities and the music industry, stack jeans are cut long and then tapered from the knee downward, creating a ‘stacked effect’ that has become more stylish over the years.

These jeans can come purposefully stacked, or you go up a size in length and create the stacked effect yourself. They have a slightly edgier look about them and work well with streetwear designer brands for a relaxed, but certainly not cheap, look. 

Acid wash

Who can forget the acid wash jeans of decades past? First associated with 1960s Californian surfer culture, this style of denim returned to popularity in the 1980s and has made comebacks over the years ever since. 

If you want to embrace the acid wash style without feeling dated, go for a ‘light’ wash, which has a more subtle effect. Pair with block colours or dark colours or go all out and match with a denim jacket. Acid washes are meant to be relaxed and fun, so build the look around a lighter mood (and the bright California days they come from originally!). 

To change your standard look, the smallest and most impactful change you can make is to the jeans you wear. They can make or break your entire look and can influence the aesthetic you may be aiming for. 

Either way, it is important to follow this guide on how to style your jeans to achieve the most desired look. Don’t forget to check the jeans against your body type as not all jeans suit everyone.