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Instagram is a unique platform for creating brand awareness for your fashion brand. Research shows brand promotion on social media increases interaction by 40%. The platforms help strengthen and enhance engagement for fashion brands. You need to set your goals and create a target audience for your brand.

Your marketing team can use various strategies and Instagram features to market your fashion brand. They include influencers, user-generated content, stories, and tagging. 83% of Instagram users say the platform helps them find products and services. The report by Send Pulse shows another 74% say they view brands with Instagram accounts as relevant. Here are different ways to promote your brand and products on Instagram.

Promote Your Fashion Brand and Products on Instagram


Use stories

Engaging the audience through Instagram stories is a great way to boost awareness. It increases views and interactions with your audience. Stories can increase loyalty and build stronger relationships. Add super-quality photos and videos to your stories. Add stickers to drive engagement and share exclusive content. Maintain consistency in sharing your stories.

How to post multiple photos on Instagram depends on several factors. It depends on the number of photos, their size, and their features. If you want to outsmart the competition with stories, leverage all stories features on Instagram. One of the features is to post multiple photos in your stories. If you use Instagram on your Mac there are several tricks on how to post multiple photos on Instagram that you can use. You can either use the Instagram app to post Stories from your Mac or a third-party app.

The methods might differ based on the Instagram version you are using. At SetApp, you can learn several tricks to post multiple pictures on Instagram from your Mac. Learn to lay out your stories well and share them with your audience.

Promote Your Fashion Brand and Products on Instagram


Optimize your brand profile

Instagram marketing strategies for fashion brands should start with the profile. It is what should create an attractive first impression. Let your username be easy to find and let it present your brand. Keep everything public and use your brand’s colors effectively. Add a link in your bio for people to track you.


Use influencers

Instagram fashion influencers help you capture new markets. They increase brand loyalty, awareness, and social following. You can use them to boost your fashion sales, build credibility, and gain feedback.

To use them, set your fashion marketing goals first. Decide on the type of influencers you want to use and the budget you have for them. Create metrics to measure influencers performance. Pay attention to the type of content you use in your influencer marketing campaigns.


Leverage user-generated content

Utilizing user-generated content for marketing increases trust with your audiences. It can come from your customers, employees, UGC creators, or brand loyalists. Instagram users tend to believe in authentic content more than ads.

Research shows 60% of marketers say quality and authenticity are critical in marketing. One of the strategies to leverage UGC is to start a hashtag trend. Ask questions, partner with influencers, and reshape relevant content.

Promote Your Fashion Brand and Products on Instagram


Use hashtags

Enhancing brand visibility with relevant hashtags can increase followers and UGC. They help you target a specific market and make it easier for people to find your brand. They increase engagement and brand loyalty across social platforms.

You need to choose the right way to use hashtags on social media. Choose high-quality photos or videos. Choose quality and relevant keywords to use in your hashtags. The hash sign should come before the keyword. For example, #streetwear, #clothes, or #style.


Use Shoppable posts and collaboration

Instagram brand collaboration allows you to co-create a post and share it on Reel or Feed. In this scenario, you can make the post and invite another brand or person to collaborate. Your both accounts will appear on the post and profile grids. Instagram Shoppable makes your brand easy to discover.

It provides you with an authentic Instagram marketing strategy. Shoppable enhances the entire user experience and provides a visual e-commerce platform. To use Shoppable, ensure your account is a business or creator account. Upload your fashion brand catalog and turn on your Instagram shopping feature.


Add high-quality visual content

Content plays a vital role in your Instagram marketing strategies. It makes your brand stand out from the crowd. Quality content increases engagement and drives greater ROI. Pay attention to the smallest details and add keywords to your visuals. Your content can be in the form of videos, GIFs, memes, or photos.



Instagram for fashion brands is great for building loyalty and awareness for your company. You can use various features and strategies on Instagram to promote your fashion brand and products. They include stories, reels, shoppable posts, hashtags, influencers, and UGC. Currently, Instagram has more than 2.35 billion active users. This provides your brand with a large market opportunity to increase sales and awareness. The marketing method you choose should be relevant to your brand and audience.