Last update on: 12:59 pm May 10, 2022 by fashionabc

Product Hunt: A Virtual Fitting Room Based On Artificial Intelligence

In October 2020, the Belarusian company VIPIT launched on Product Hunt with the Good Style app. Now users can virtually try on clothes before ordering in the online store. VIPIT launched the app in the US market in partnership with Shein.

Now the startup has entered the CIS market. Moreover, VIPIT works in collaboration with Belarusian brands in the Belarusian market. With the help of Good Style, you can virtually try on clothes of the best Belarusian designers before ordering. The startup also signed its first contract with an aggregator of local brands in Ukraine. The app allows you to get a new experience for both users and brands. It has about 50 thousand users. The average order value is $ 180.00.

How does the service work?

The process is straightforward, users only need to install the app on their smartphone, upload aphoto — and a virtual fitting room is at their disposal. This is fast, convenient and realistic. Goodstyle allows users to combine things with other products, even with those already in their physical wardrobe. They can even use images from the Internet: the app will help them find out what kind of thing it is and where to buy one or a similar one. The search algorithm is implemented through a neural network.

As a result, users of the app get fewer frustrations from unsuccessful purchases and unjustified expenses, and online stores have fewer refunds and unbought orders (according to the developers ‘ calculations, by about 40%). By the way, only in the United States, the losses of online stores from refunds in 2019 amounted to $ 41 billion.

The main reason for unsuccessful online purchases is that you have to focus on the pictures that are presented on online storefronts. But even the most high-quality picture of clothes from the catalog does not give an idea of how the thing will look on a real person, whether it will fit him, taking into account the features of the physique, appearance and tastes. I have to use my imagination. Or rely on artificial intelligence! Now you have an opportunity to consult with Good Style before buying.

In addition, VIPIT plans to attract investments. Now business development is significantly ahead of software development opportunities. Engineers are not able to serve all willing partners (brands). Therefore, the search for external sources of funding has started. For the next six months, it will take about 250 thousand dollars. During this time, it is planned to increase the base of direct partnerships to 100 stores in different locations, reaching about $50k MRR.