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If this is your first experience, choosing a supplier of beautiful accessories is always very troublesome and exciting. A huge number of questions arise. We have collected them all and offer you answers that will help you understand and choose a particular supplier of beautiful costume jewelry.

Jewelry is not just the perfect accessory to complete your look. It is also a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Sometimes what stops us from buying a beautiful piece is the fact that stores for jewelry operate online, like FJewellery. It is still quite difficult for a buyer to decide whether to trust an online store or not. We offer you criteria to help you choose an online jewelry store that you can trust. So,

  1. Goods in the store have certificates of quality. The more reputable the organization that certifies a product, the better. For example, the National Association of Jewelers (NAJ). This means that the jewelry has been peer reviewed before it is sold. You are buying exactly what is listed on the website.

  2. There is a return policy. Trading on the Internet has its disadvantages, and one of them is the impossibility to touch and examine the thing being sold. Yes, of course, you can compare different jewelry, but the choice is still made rather intuitively. Sellers, realizing that, make concessions. In serious stores, you can exchange or return the jewelry piece that did not fit you for some reason. The terms of exchange and return should be written on the website.

  3. The online store uses the services of a gemologist or has one on staff. For example, the Gemological Association of Great Britain (Gem-a) gives professional opinions on all precious stones.

  4. There is a high-quality catalog. That is, there is not just a landing page with a dozen products, but a large, colorful catalogue with headings, a large assortment, quality photos, product descriptions and prices for each item. Well, if the page of the product is a video, showing it in the dynamics. And here you can find both inexpensive jewelry and very solid jewelry. The price should be on all the items.

  5. The store has reviews. This is a very important point. You can always read reviews from customers who have already made their choice. Choosing from reviews is not only good but also bad. This way you can understand the weaknesses of your future partner.

  6. The website contains all the terms of purchase. Yes, a physical address is not a necessary thing for online commerce today, but if there is one, it can be an indication of the seriousness of the business. A privacy policy should also be written if the store accepts payments through the website.

  7. Support service is available. This is the best solution for online commerce. And if you want to check how seriously the online store takes its customer, try asking a few questions to the concierge. His answers can explain a lot to you.


Today the purchase of goods through an online store is a fairly well-established scheme. There shouldn’t be any dark and unclear points. You should feel safe when working with the seller. We liked FJewellery, which has all the above points. Large structured catalogue, growing assortment, quality photos and videos, detailed descriptions. The website also contains all, in our opinion, the obligatory points for safe trade. Buyer’s rights are protected. We wish you a happy shopping and beautiful jewelry!