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It’s a great time to be a lover of sports and legalized gambling. Many US states have paved the way for residents and visitors to gamble on professional sports fixtures, including the NFL, NBA, horse racing, and soccer. Make your predictions using a desktop computer or on the move through your Android or iOS smartphone device. You are always just a few clicks away from a thrilling bet.

Gambling is fast, exciting, and straightforward. But that’s only true if you know online sportsbook betting, the jargon, and how odds work in betting. It can all be daunting if you aren’t up to speed or require more information before dipping into the ocean of sports betting. To the less experienced, sports could be more transparent and easier to follow.

Building experience isn’t costly

Online betting is always risky, and a lack of understanding could be dangerous. You want to build your betting knowledge, experience, and strike rate. But you don’t want that experience to come at the expense of your hard-earned cash. Getting both right is challenging; it takes time and patience. But we’re here to help place you on the right path.

Keep reading as we explain three easy-to-use hacks that will quickly enhance your understanding of online sports betting and help you get the most from your experience. We present three bonuses available at most major bookies, and our experts detail how you can use them to beat the bookies.


Spread the load

You may have noticed the competitiveness of the gambling industry. As the US opens its doors to betting, the leading names from Las Vegas join the top bookies from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe. They’re all after your business and are willing to make it worthwhile.

Successful bookies must catch your eye to stand any chance of being noticed in such a crowded market. But how do they ensure a steady stream of fresh customers and a growing share of the market? By offering a better reason to sign up than you’ll find at the competition. 

These deals are known as welcome bonuses or a new customer bonus. The deals are for new customers only, but nothing in the small print dictates you must stick to one betting app. It’s a buyer’s market, and you can use the bookie’s desperation and generosity against them to boost your chances of winning.

Spread the load by joining as many online sportsbooks as you can. It may take a while to complete, but you’ll be laying the foundations for your future success. This approach allows you to bag a lot of free bets, and being registered with lots of bookies increases your chance of getting the market’s best price each time you gamble on sports.

Bet in-play

Some bookies offer a free pre-match bet; in most cases, that’ll equal your first stake and wager. For example, if you create an account, deposit $50, and gamble on football, you’ll bank a $50 free bet. Use your bet credits on your favorite sports and teams. 

You are in a great position with a $50 free bet riding on your team to win. Now you can hope that things fall into place and make a profit, or rig the system to ensure you win, regardless of the result. You achieve this by betting in-play on the opposite team, meaning you now have both possible outcomes covered.

You’ll need a bet calculator for this task, as the stake for the in-play bet must be exact to ensure both results earn you a profit. The amount you win depends on the outcome, but if you’ve made the correct stake, you’ll end the game with a positive balance.

Aim for bigger odds

The risk-free welcome bonus is also popular and can be used to your advantage. Join a bookie, deposit cash, and make a bet. If your wager wins, you land the profits, but if you lose, the bookie will refund your stakes, allowing you to have another go.

This promotion allows you to aim high, going for bigger odds than usual, knowing you can keep your stake. The worst-case scenario is the bookies will refund your cash.