Sustainable Fashion Brand


VILDNIS is a small sustainable women’s fashion brand based in London. It was found by Danish fashion designer Ulla Vitting Richards.  The collection is inspired by the neutral and muted colours of her Scandinavian background, with an occasional bold pop of colour, bold print or exciting shape.


VILDNIS mission is to replace the unsustainable practices in the fashion industry with a more responsible (yet equally stylish) new norm. The brand focuses on style, and also the planet thriving to produce clothes that respects the natural resources of the planet, such as the oceans, the fresh air and the rainforests.

The origin of the brand’s name, Vildnis, comes from Danish and can be translated to ‘wilderness’ or ‘wildness’ . It reflects both the brands connection with nature and its untamed style – always considered, never too polished.


VILDNIS was founded in 2018 by Danish fashion designer Ulla Vitting Richards grew up just outside one of the largest cities in Denmark, surrounded by fields, forests and the crashing waves of the sea. The company is run by her and her partner, alongside a close friend.


VILDNIS is strongly committed to sustainability and offering an alternative to the problems of the fashion industry. Their commitment is outlined in 4 guidelines:

1. Use the most environmentally friendly materials and production methods.
2. Treat workers in the supply chain well
3. Treat animals in the supply chain well
4. Promote and cultivate good behaviours, having honesty and transparency in our customer communication.


VILDNIS takes advantage of several up-cycled and recycled materials such as Recycled PET fabrics made from discarded plastic bottles. VILDNIS also use recycled paper and polythene bags for their packaging and labels.


VILDNIS is committed to sustainability and limiting the environmental impact of their production. They use sustainable materials such as Organic Cotton, Organic Linen, Tencel, and Recycled PET, and make an effort to source these materials as close to their production sites as possible. VILDNIS also chooses to transport their goods by road or sea and prioritise carbon neutral couriers to delivery their lovely items to your door. In instances where VILDNIS must use air courier, they pay to offset the carbon emissions of the airfreight journey through CLIMATECARE.

The Cotton used by VILDNIS is certified Organic either by GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) or OCS (Organic Content Standard).


VILDNIS  is also committed to transparency,  and takes steps towards that , by sharing their  annual targets and progress so  customers can assess the progress of the company in meeting their targets.   VILDNIS’ sustainable foundation is based on a concept called the Triple Bottom Line. This means that the company measures their performance by  following 3 pillars: people, planet and profit.

Supply Chain

VILDNIS makes a stand to ensure transparency of its supply chain. The company thus works closely with their production partners to ensure their workforce is paid the living wage, and benefits from fair and safe working conditions. To ensure this, VILDNIS production partners are audited in person every year, and adhere to the VILDNIS code of conduct.

Third Party Certified

VILDNIS is committed to transparency, and this includes sharing certifications regarding their factories and materials. Their production partner in Delhi, India is SEDEX and SA8000 certified, ensuring fair working conditions and guarantees the workers are paid a living wage.  Their production partner in Norther Portugal is currently in their final review for SEDEX certification.