Always on trend!


Owned by the Inditex group, Stradivarius brings the newest global trends in womens clothing and accessories, to the youth.


Developed by Paco Triquell as a womenswear brand, Spanish multinational company Inditex acquired ninety percent on November 12, 1999, for a reported 108 million euros. The group stated in a release that the purchase was due to the brand’s ‘good commercial positioning and growth potential.’ Its capacity to read the clients’ needs and continually evolve its collections is the key to its success. The brand has a team of dedicated designers whose work is to observe the latest trends and reconstruct them into modern styles for the youth. The strategy witnessed unparalleled success! Within a decade, Stradivarius opened five hundred stores worldwide. In 2005, Inditex completed a hundred percent acquisition for a reported 15 million euros. At the help of the brand is the founder’s son Jordi Triquell. In 2017, Stradivarius opened its new offices for design and central services teams in Barcelona. Built with recycled materials, the building saves forty five percent electricity and thirty percent water, and will be given a green certification by LEED, with Gold distinction. Today, it is Inditex’s fifth largest brand in sales volume and is present in sixty-two countries.


To capture the essence of youthful creativity.


To understand and interpret the newest trends and developments in fashion for young women.