Seamless Source



A fashion-tech start-up that helps fashion businesses connect with ethical and sustainable manufacturers, suppliers and designers, digitally, and assists them to create quality products from concept to delivery, Seamless Source has a cloud-based system as a digital co-working space and integrated product life cycle management system to manage the ordering process.


In the age of social media aesthetics and digital giants, fashion has its eyes set on some big endeavours in the technology sector. Leading this innovation wave are players like Seamless Source (originally named Chanodil), which is laying the framework for the next era of fashion.

Established in 2019, the automated omni-channel sourcing platform and integrated order management tool helps SME fashion brands build digitalised, faster, leaner and more responsible supply chains, with industry-leading reliable, responsible and sustainable suppliers across the globe. The vision is admirable; perceiving hurdles in the old process, mainly a lack of transparency in the fashion supply chain, where most middle parties were a barrier between fashion brands and suppliers, the platform acts as a management tool to help fashion brands build a more responsible supply chain whilst making sustainable sourcing more accessible. Consequently, fashion businesses save time, reduce costs by up to twenty per cent and achieve fifty per cent extra visibility of the production journey as well as a tracking system that enables trust and security for their partners.

“The fashion supply chains always suffer from a set of problems related to unreliable suppliers, complex networks, costly operations, time-consuming follow-ups, less sustainable ethics and limited transparency. At Seamless Source, we want to work with you to build a global community to digitalise the supply chain to eliminate all the above negative issues while building a better fashion industry,” explains Chathura Sudharshan, Founder and CEO, Seamless Source, on the official website.

Success stories include maternity wear brand Mambloom, which was struggling to find manufacturers to create their products at a technical level. When founder Tatiana joined Seamless Source, she achieved a clear supply chain strategy, taking Mambloom through the production journey, including finding suppliers who could swiftly move to the sampling stage and at the desired quantities. Mambloom also achieved their objective of a faultless fit with all products including maternity and postnatal leggings, nursing bamboo T-shirts and nursing bamboo tank tops. Another success story involves assisting NexLife right through the production process of developing wearable tech. The team worked to create tracking devices, solving issues with the intricate production process of the gadget data and adapting to challenges ensuring that upgrades to the techniques and finishes created the high-quality products NexLife envisioned, to revolutionise the market.

Continuing to push fashion forward with offices in the UK and Sri Lanka and a live running digital platform, Seamless Source has customers from different parts of the world including USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Sweden and Denmark. Currently, the team is working closely with University of Cambridge, Institute for Sustainable Leadership and I4SF accelerator program along with United Nations to ensure their business and all stakeholders work actively to achieve the UN 2030 sustainable development goals.


To become the ultimate solution for innovative apparel sourcing.

Mission Statement

An automated, award-winning sourcing platform that allows global brands to build faster, leaner, and more responsible supply chains within the fashion industry, the mission of Seamless Source is to transform supply-chain responsibility that enables global fashion brands achieve responsible and innovative solutions.

Products and Services

Envisioned as a future business in the fashion-tech sector which has the scalability to become a unicorn company, Seamless Source develops innovative concepts such as WT, IOT, compression wear, technical activewear, adoptive clothing and technical fabrics; designs seasonal fashion collections and makes industrial tech packs and patterns for clients’ design ideas. The company also develops virtual samples for pre-testing designs or marketing it in advance; designs collections for gaming and other virtual simulators; sources the best organic, sustainable or other materials for collections with the support of expert fabric technologists; and develops physical samples to complete the bulk production at fully audited, ethical, hand picked factories with the highest quality standards. The services include a dedicated account manager throughout the process to support costing, price negotiation, critical path, approvals and invoice management.

Awards and Achievements

  • Innovators For Sustainable Fashion, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Digital Disruptor Award, Mainframe, UK
  • Top Team, European Innovation Academy, Italy
  • Finalist, HIVE and Santander University Program, UK
  • Finalist, Business Awards 2020 in East Midlands Chamber, UK
  • Santander Entrepreneurship Award, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Key People

Chathura Sudharshan, Founder and CEO; Sean Ansett, Sustainability Officer; Udesh Tissera, Head of Operations