Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is an American fashion designer, businesswoman, and writer


Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig (born September 1, 1971) is an American fashion designer, businesswoman, and writer. She has been involved in the fashion industry for nearly two decades. In 2008, the first season of her Bravo reality television series The Rachel Zoe Project debuted.


Early years

Born on September 1, 1971, in New York City, daughter of Leslie and Ron Rosenzweig, art merchants, she has no formal training in fashion and styling. Rachel studied psychology and sociology at George Washington University, an elite private university just a few blocks from the White House. There she met Rodger Berman, who later would become a banking investor and also her husband. They married in 1996 when Rachel was 25 years old; she married in a dress designed by Isaac Mizrahi.

Fashion was for her only a hobby. She knew she was very gifted and her passion was awakened when she was 13 and accompanied her mother on a trip to Rome. Today, however, Rachel advises her followers to study fashion: “Things have changed a lot and it is impossible to do this without specific studies.” He is quite a workaholic; initially, for 20 years or so of marriage, Rachel did not want and could not imagine having a child, not to mention two. Her husband, Rodger, did not agree, and finally managed to convince her.

Rachel Zoe started off as an editor in order to pursue her dreams. She eventually became one of the most prominent individuals in the industry of fashion. Despite the fact that she is not formally trained in fashion, Zoe works with wealthy and famous personalities belonging to different fields, such as Pauly Shore, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Paula Patton, Eva Mendes, Beau Garett, Molly Sims, Joy Bryant, Liz Tyler, Demi Moore, Debra Messing, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner and Cameron Diaz. Moreover, she has been a stylist for Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Backstreet Boys, Mario Orejel, Keira Knightley and Brenda Song.


She started as a stylist and got a lot of fame from it, now she has a fashion line and works with her husband. Her best friend and assistant left Rachel, with the intention of stealing her personal assistant and creating her own line. Rachel got over it and got an even better assistant.

Rachel Zoe introduced her debut collection of contemporary handbags, footwear and accessories in 2011 influenced by the style of 60s and 70s. The merchandize is available in over 270 shops including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew. In 2012, she expanded her line to making jewelry and winter adornments that are not only of premium quality but price as well. As of Feb, 2014, her Facebook page has more than  763K likes.

Personal life

Zoe met her current husband Rodger Berman in 1991, when they both went to college in Washington, D.C. they married in 1996, and they have two children, Skyler Morrison Berman (March, 2011) and another son named Kaius Jagger Berman (December, 2013).