Things can always get better!


Madhappy is a global fashion brand that creates products, content and experiences which drive conversation around mental health. What began as a singular word has since grown into a community and an ideology.


Circa 2017. In Los Angeles, Noah Raf, Peiman Raf, Joshua Sitt, and Mason Spector co-founded a fashion brand where the design aesthetic of hoodies, track pants and basics promote positivity. With ethical fashion being the base, Madhappy produces their collections in Los Angeles, using the best materials, including one hundred per cent French Terry fleece and the factories that take proper care of their workers. Since its launch, ‘Madhappy’ has created immersive pop-ups in LA, New York, Miami, and beyond, partnered with Los Angeles eatery Jon and Vinny’s on limited edition items, and has developed a cult Instagram following with consumers who identify with the brand messaging and products.

“Mental health was always a priority for us. For us, Madhappy started as an optimistic outlet for people to engage with, in any capacity they wanted to: clothing, pop-ups, events, social, or simply the brand’s mission. While mental illness has been a long-time issue in our society, this has been exacerbated and become more apparent with the rise of social media. As a team, we understand the impact of social media and the issues that our generation is hurdled with. Madhappy was created as a positive platform, both physically and digitally, to combat the issue of mental illness through the power of optimism. With this goal in mind, our brand intends to continue to grow this message and increase our impact on this issue in the coming years,” co-founder Mason told CFDA.

In recent times, Madhappy launched a Mental Health Awareness capsule collection of heritage crewnecks and vintage tees this year. In sync with its mission to make the world a more optimistic place and help people pursue a better version of themselves and the world around them while recognising that everything is fine just as it is, the launch runs alongside ‘The Local Optimist’, an online collaborative that envisions breaking down the stigma of mental health. Per the official website, “While we are not experts or medical professionals, we hope to serve as guides – raising awareness and accessibility so that people can better identify what they’re going through, and seek help when needed. Mental health affects us all, and the sooner we view it as a normal part of our everyday lives, the sooner we can get people the support they need.”

The business acumen is on point. Per Vogue Business, “Madhappy set itself up with backers with fashion-specific experience in areas like international growth and supply chain development that will help it scale. The brand spent months taking meetings and establishing new connections to find people who were willing to work with its roadmap. The family-controlled LVMH was willing to spend the time and effort in a brand that it saw resonating with a younger generation of luxury consumers.”

Mission Statement

To make the world a more optimistic place.


The fashion brand’s co-founders believes things can always get better and they try to use Madhappy as a sounding board to spread that message as far as possible.

Products and Services

The fashion brand is committed to tackling mental health through hoodies, track pants and basics that promote positivity through bold colors and branding. Since its launch, Madhappy has amassed a cult Instagram following with customers who identify with the brand messaging and products. MadHappy is also relaunch its website complete with a new basics line and a health and wellness blog that focuses on mental health and wellness. The site will include interviews from celebrities and influencers addressing mental health, a podcast and panel discussions.

Key Team

Madhappy’s four co-founders Noah Raf, Peiman Raf, Joshua Sitt, and Mason Spector form the key team of the fashion brand.