Kenya Fashion Council



The Kenya Fashion Council is a result of collaborative consolidation of multi-stakeholders within the Kenyan Fashion Industry with the aim to further the interests of the Kenyan fashion industry and its fashion designers on the global fashion landscape.


Kenya, a major economic hub of East Africa, rich in culture and skilled fashion designers, is sadly poorly integrated into the global fashion industry. The Kenya Fashion Council works hand in hand with Fashion designers, Institutions teaching Fashion Design, Textiles, Production, Media in Fashion and legal professionals within the industry and the Government to create a functional Kenyan fashion industry.


To influence policy and standards within the Kenyan fashion industry; develop and promote fashion designers, and build local and International relationships.


To create a functional Kenyan Fashion industry that is credible, dynamic and economically sustainable.


The council endeavours to be part of policymaking in the fashion industry; build opportunities for local and international alliances; create a hub for industry insights and resources; develop or enhance business collaborations for growth; and provide opportunities for showcasing and retailing products to local and overseas markets.