Chow Tai Fook

Innovation is in our blood!


Craftsmanship, creativity and heritage is at the core of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, one of the largest jewellery companies worldwide, which began as a modest jewellery store in Guangzhou.


In 1929, Chow Chi-Yuen opened a jewellery store that sold traditional gold accessories in Guangzhou. The store shifted base to Portuguese Macau in 1940, to British Hong Kong after the breakout of Second Sino-Japanese War in the Thirties, and to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. And returned to Mainland China after the market reforms of the Eighties.

Chow Chi-yuen son- in- law Cheng Yu-Tung took over the business in 1956 and transformed it into a diversified group with several business verticals. ‘Chow Tai Fook Jewellery’ is its core business i.e. classic authentic jewellery at reasonable prices. ‘House 1929’ provides artistic jewellery; ‘Hearts On Fire’ is the group’s US-based premium diamond brand; ‘So In Love’ taps into the affordable jewellery segment; ’Monologue’ satisfies millennials’ demand for stylish fashion jewellery. ”The rollout of a multi-brand strategy empowers us to provide diversified product offerings targeting multiple customer segments and expanding our overall market share” said Managing Director Kent Wong, per CEO Magazine.

Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2011, a long-term commitment to heritage, creativity and craftsmanship contributes to its success and a comprehensive retail network in Greater China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and the US astride an e-shop is its strategy to succeed in today’s omni-channel retail ambience.


To become the most trusted jewellery group in the world.


‘Our core values ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Eternity’ serve as the foundation of our vision and mission, steering us towards becoming a pioneer in the jewellery industry.’