Italian style and elegance. Since 1934.


Canali is a paradigm of tailor-made Italian luxury menswear since 1934, endorsing the values of “Made-in-Italy” artisanal, modern collections that are wearable, comfortable and of the finest quality. A family-run company in its third generation, with its own production centers in Italy, Canali has a hundred and eighty boutiques worldwide.


In 1908, Giacomo Canali opened a tailor’s shop in Triuggio. In 1934, Giacomo and Giovanni co-founded luxury menswear brand Canali as a family-run business. The business grew exponentially until the outbreak of World War II, a condition that leads to a production halt for many Italian companies.

The second generation of Canali brothers, Giuseppe, Genesio and Eugenio, re-started the business and strengthened the brand presence in a burgeoning market. In the Fifties, the brothers adopt a business stratagem that turned out to be their greatest strength: each proposal was shared and examined by all, so that each one could contribute their intuition, skills and acumen. With this methodology, in the early ’50s, the menswear fashion brand interpreted a need for functional clothes among the post-war population and focused on making raincoats. Responding to customers’ needs astride following their business strategies led to a change in character and context of Canali’s business. Between the ’60s and ’70s, the three brothers met market demands and focused on outerwear. This choice, together with the desire for a high-quality product, is one of Canali’s signifiant turning point. During this period, Canali was the first Italian fashion brand to introduce mechanised cutting machines. All collections are made by Canali-owned production centers in Italy, each specialised in different product categories to ensure perfection in every garment, handcrafted by craftsmen who value the tradition of fine tailoring. And, Su Misura service, which combines the expertise of made- to- measure specialists with the skill of master tailors to handcraft suits, blazers, shirts and trousers from the finest fabrics, handcrafted in Italy. Following the launch of its accessories and footwear lines, Canali opened its first flagship in Milan. Since, the fashion brand chalked out an aggressive expansion plan and took its Italian handmade suits to the US, UK, France, Switzerland, Middle East and Canada and established an A-list International clientele.

Helmed by the third generation of the family, Stephano Canali, the luxury menswear fashion brand continued to expand into Russia, China, India and Oceania. In 2009, Canali launched a bandhgala suit for the Indian market, the only “indigenisation” in the fashion brand’s product line. Continuing its expansion mode, Canali opened in Madrid in 2014 and inked a franchise deal with Spanish company, Yusty. The following year, it opened a store in Washington DC and debuted an online store. Buoyed by the growth, Canali consolidates its commitment to the production of quality garments and invested in technical research and in the training and development of its collaborators. The luxury menswear fashion brand continued to in evolve in style and its offerings during the next two decades and with a significant presence in social media and digital sales channels, it gained more and more space in the menswear space.

In its more than 85-year history, the Canali family rethinks, revolutionises, and adapts its company, always being true to its values and becoming a witness to timeless male elegance. Per Forbes, CEO Stefano Canali explains, “Our Italian DNA and key values — such as the value of family and traditions — are at the very heart of the Canali brand. We are very proud that we are one of very few brands that can truly state that 100 per cent of our products are manufactured in Italy. It is important to keep these values in mind whilst also striving for innovation, not just in terms of aesthetic, but also in selecting and developing exclusive fabrics that meet the evolving needs of our customers… the main challenge for Canali is to embrace the change while remaining authentic to its brand values. The new fabrics and production techniques we are adopting have the ability to mix elegance and comfort; fit and performance…”

In 2017, Canali closed its Carate Brianza factory and a year later entered the Chinese e-commerce market via a collaboration with Secoo Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the brand evolved its design aesthetic into a more casual look in order to be relevant with the stay-at-home mood. Per Forbes, “Heritage is associated with the handing down of traditions and, in fashion, a legacy of quality and craftsmanship. When used effectively with modification, it can lead to feeling of nostalgia for another time and place and makes for an excellent offering as we move forward into modern lifestyle…” Today Canali is a family-run luxury menswear brand in its third generation, with its own production centers in Italy. In addition to a hundred and eighty boutiques, the menswear fashion brand can also be found in retail stores in over a hundred countries.

“The boundaries between casual and formalwear are very blurred these days and will continue to be blurred. We have developed an offering that is very consistent and a continuous mix of the formal and casual. Materials and construction techniques are being exchanged, they are complementing each other. It’s not a sign of confusion, it’s a consequence of the time we’re living in. The suit is not dead, it’s just evolving,” Stephano Canali tells GQ.


“The ability to project oneself into the future with a vision triggers the energy and will that is necessary to make change possible. It inspires individuals to engage, persevere and give their best.”

Mission Statement

To promote the values of “Made In Italy” excellence through its artisanal know-how and create sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort in a perfect balance of elements that blends culture and history with contemporary style and taste.

Key Team

President and CEO Stefano Canali

Products and Services

The luxury menswear brand has always been abreast with evolving taste to remain relevant yet steeped in the “Made In Italy” foundation. The entire range encapsulates outerwear, shirts, pants, Polos and T-shirts, sweaters, suits, footwear, accessories and made-to-measure.