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Do you struggle to come to terms with the visible signs of aging when you see your reflection in the mirror? Yes, as we age, our skin loses elasticity and this results in wrinkles as well as sagging skin around the neck and jawline. Fret not, the desire for a younger, near-perfect face has given rise to new procedures in the aesthetics market. One of the most recent discoveries to overcome pain, swelling and bruising during a rejuvenation procedure was launched as ‘Jowl Lift ‘, a technique developed by Dr. Paulo Martin, vice-president of the Brazilian College of Plastic Surgery, and which presents the perfect solution for a younger, more attractive look.

Dr. Paulo Martin has the solution for the perfect face

Unlike the facelift, ‘Rhytidoplasty’, which is a delicate invasive surgical intervention, Jowl Lift achieves significant results through small holes in the face through which a microcannula does the work, making it a minimally invasive technique. The success of the procedure is that it rejuvenates the face and also retracts the double chin in a more natural way than a facelift. “I created the technique when I was at a conference in Monte Carlo, 20 years ago, and they introduced me to Nefertiti’s Botox, a type of application on the side of the neck that caused the elevation of the cheek, in the middle third of the face. It was then that I developed a procedure that is more effective than Botox applications and less traumatic than a facelift, which rejuvenates and better defines the contours of the face”, explains Dr. Martin in a media release.

The procedure does not carry the risk of excessively stretching the face as can happen with a facelift. “It’s like going back to the way you were before, with a much more natural and subtle appearance.” The Jowl Lift is also the best option in the summer, because as Dr. Martin explains, the procedure is minimally invasive and the recovery is much calmer: “The patient can return to their normal activities in one or two days and the physical activities in a week.” Furthermore, the treatment is long-lasting: “I have patients who had a jowl lift 18 years ago”, explains the doctor who is a full member and vice-president of the Brazilian College of Plastic Surgery. He is also a postgraduate professor of plastic surgery at Faculdade Ensine and technical director of Day Hospital Nova Plástica.