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It’s no secret that LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for job seekers and companies. There is everything for both sides: a huge audience (more than 900 million members) and a lot of opportunities. However, in addition to all advantages, it is difficult not to notice one obvious disadvantage – competition. Yes, even on a narrowly focused professional platform, there is nowhere without it, competitors are breathing down your back, and this is normal, all job seekers here have one goal – to find dream jobs and get a lot of profitable contracts.

Standing up in a competitive race is a real challenge for beginners, especially if you have never had any experience in terms of promotion. Well, don’t get upset in advance and give up what you started. Competitors can always be overtaken, right? We’re here to help you with this. Today we’ll tell you about the 2 best ways to stand out and strengthen your position on a professional platform. Keep reading!

Investing in your account

 Let’s start with the base : what is promotion in principle? This is the process of your growth on the platform, without an excellent promotional strategy you’ll not get better in any way; yes, you can try to present yourself without additional tools, but the result won’t be at all what you expect. The audience here is different from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You have to attract the attention of HR managers – people who are looking for ideal specialists with an excellent online image, knowledge and skills.

Image plays one of the most important roles, so if you don’t have a lot of connections and a good reputation, it is unlikely that they’ll want to deal with you. How to solve this problem and stand out? If you want a quick and guaranteed result, the best option is to invest in an account. One of the most popular paid boosts at the moment is buying verified LinkedIn accounts that previously belonged to real users.

You’ll get access to the purchased accounts instantly and will be able to do whatever you want with it, there are several options. For example, you can send new connections and endorsements for you new account, or personalize the purchased profile. Whatever you choose, any of these strategies will be effective and contribute to your growth.

 Turn the Summary into your story

 Do you want to not be like everyone else and stand out? Then it’s time to write your story! There is a large About Me section on LI where you can talk about your experience, positions, principles and values in work. Your achievements should also be here, but don’t overdo it, sometimes beginners start to advertise themselves literally directly, it’s not necessary.

Remember the main rule in social networks: you only have a few seconds to attract attention. Make your text catchy from beginning to end. Show your personality and demonstrate creativity, even if you’re looking for a job in business. Recruitment managers are also people, they’ll enjoy reading a clear, simple or even a little funny text much more than the usual enumeration of skills and knowledge.

Write more about your values and goals at work – this is a good way to find like-minded people and establish friendly, but at the same time professional connections with other people. Good luck!