World Fashion Organization

Not-for profit, apolitical & private fashion entity


The World Fashion Organization, also known as WFO is one of the world’s largest, not-for profit, apolitical & private entity. It serves and promotes different initiatives such as the World Fashion City®, World Fashion Association® (WFA®), World Fashion Network®, World Fashion Week® and many other world fashion-related entities, projects and events around the globe under the motto of “World Fashion Allⓒ (WFA®), Mode of Lifeⓒ”.

World Fashion Organization is primarily incorporating the fashion industry into the international fair and free trade system in services of technology, financing, development, merchandising, logistics, education, networking, forum and many other infrastructures for this purpose.

WFO was founded in partnership with the ITO, International Trade Organization/EXIM, the world’s largest network of international trade, dating historically back to 1947. Currently, the seat and the World Headquarters of WFO have been located in Washington, D.C. and New York along with the registered offices in the State of Delaware, United States.

World Fashion Organizations Network

The World Fashion Organization serves and promotes various organizations and initiatives related to fashion worldwide, including:

  1. World Fashion City®
  2. World Fashion Bank®
  3. World Fashion Events™
  4. World Fashion Regents®
  5. Tradeopolis ePlatform for World Fashion Community™
  6. World Fashion Development & Management™
  7. World Fashion University®
  8. World Fashion Brands and Merchandising™
  9. World Fashion Club®
  10. World Fashion Exchange®
  11. World Fashion Collection®
  12. World Fashion Corps®
  13. World Fashion Intellectual Property™

Headquarters and CEO

Currently, the seat and the World Headquarters of WFO have been located in Washington, D.C. and New York along with the registered offices in the State of Delaware, United States, well known for the effective handlings of the international fashion affairs. Its branches are also located in London, Madrid, Tokyo, Paris, Milano, Beijing, Geneva, Singapore, Beverly Hills and many other major cities.  However, WFO’s Assembly of Governors may, by resolution, from time to time designate the location of World Headquarters and additional places where WFO branches may be located.

Dr. David H. Lee serves as Chairman & CEO

Dr. David H. Lee serves as Chairman & CEO, World Fashion Organization (WFO), at the same time, as Executive Chairman of International Trade Organization® (ITO/EXIM®), global umbrella organization of World Trade Bank® (IO), EXIM®s and its participating international trade associations, world trade boards, international trade centres, world trade associations and international trade councils around the world along with over 1,000,000 affiliated companies. He had worked as top executive for the World Trade Centers of which network is located in almost 300 cities over 100 countries. He received his Ph.D. at Madrid National University and his post doctorate at the University of California, San Diego. He also studied at the WSU School of Law in the U.S.  and in the International Relations department of St. Anthony’s College, University of Oxford, as in-resident researcher.

Academically, serving as Foundation Fellow, HMC, the University of Oxford until 2010, a professorship was named in 2007 for his sake as David H. Lee Senior Research Fellow at HMC in the University of Oxford.

Goals and purpose

WFO brings together the international fashion associations and business entities in the World Fashion and acts to:

  1. represent fashion industry including fashion related finance, development, transport, insurance and technology and, in general, all sectors of world fashion;
  2. ascertain the views of associations, organizations, corporations, companies, firms and individuals involved in world fashion and related fashion business operations and voice them to the relevant intergovernmental institutions and, through its national chapters, to their governments and other bodies in their respective countries;
  3. assure effective and consistent action in the international fashion fields in order to contribute to the harmonious growth and the freedom of world fashion;
  4. provide practical and expert services to the international fashion community; and
  5. encourage effective rapprochement and cooperation among the international business community in different countries and among the organizations that bring them together.

Furthermore, to create and encourage mutual assistance and cooperation among members, WFO shall be, without limiting in any manner the scope and generality of the foregoing:

  1. to foster the activities of WFO through establishing World Fashion City (WFC) and World Fashion Association (WFA)s throughout the world;
  2. to create a network of members which will provide a critical mass for the international fashion industry coverage of the world;
  3. to assist the members to create joint ventures or strategic alliances for the international fashion business through the use of WFO global network;
  4. to supply an information exchange program and e-commerce platform amongst members to assist in the development and expansion of services for the international fashion;
  5. to initiate a process directed to advise government and intergovernmental regulatory bodies; and
  6. to establish relationships with selected world fashion agencies, both public and private sector, to provide assistance to members in influencing the expansion of international fashion business. The scope of cooperation in the international trade will include affiliation to International Trade Organization (ITO-EXIM®).