Valentina Karellas

Knitwear Eco-luxury brand


Knitwear Eco-luxury is an ecological brand based in London developed and run by Valentina Karellas.  The brand produces unique pieces of knitwear by using surplus yarn coming from large factories that would otherwise have gone to waste.

The brand’s founder

Valentina Karella is the brand founder. She was born and bred in London, and educated at the London College of Fashion. She received her Masters of Advanced Womenswear in Florence where she learned about the colourful history of Italian atelier and craftsmanship, and has garnered in experience across markets in Italy and China.

She lives and breathes an organic lifestyle, a philosophy that carries over to her designs. That’s why she is committed to utilising surplus stock yarn from large factories for her knitwear.


The brand has a strong focus on zero waste, so they make it a stand not to make any stock!  Unlike traditional fast fashion factories, a request for a Valentina Karellas unique item,  get into a queue system, and it is then done, at a first come first serve basis. The process can take anything between 1 week – 4 weeks depending on the item. The brand’s designs are tran-seasonal, added to our range organically and fit for any time of year.

No two garments will ever look the same. The brand works mostly in  London’s rich heritage of quality manufacturing.